End Of The Line For Edinburgh Trams

So the members of Edinburgh Council have been meeting again to discuss the cancellation of the new Airport to City tram line, the original remit of the project was to run from the airport to Newhaven at a cost of £545 million. Started in 2004, now seven years on what has been completed, well some of the track has been laid and….. Well some of the track has been laid. Businesses have been affected by the closure of Princes Street, and when you hear of the costs so far, the revenue it is projected to bring in and the costs to sustain it, well a sane person would never have agreed to the project at all. Cost so far is £700 million, with an forecasted profit margin of £4 million per annum and a possible £11 million borrowed to sustain it, well you don’t need to be Carol Vorderman to see the numbers don’t add up, for fuck sake a retard could have rejected the project plan with those figures on the table. This project has been unviable from the outset. So if there is no profit to be made from running it then who the fuck is getting all the money, it certainly isn’t the residents of Edinburgh, in these times of austerity what could £700 million buy you, a better health service ? homes for the homeless ? food for the starving ? The list goes on and on, and yes it could have been spent better, far better.
Why the fuck does Edinburgh and the politicians responsible for the city get away with this shit, was it not them that blatantly wasted our money building a new Parliament building, delivered 3 years late and slightly above the original cost of between £10 – £40 million at a measly £414 million !!! WHAT THE FUCK …… Why there was not rioting in the streets of Scotland over the waste of taxpayers money, lies told by building contractors and politicians alike, this should have been reason enough, but the passive Scots lay down and let these fuckers piss all over us again, how long are we going to let them do this ? The whole of the UK are losing jobs, having salaries cut, having services cut and then on top of that being asked to fill the shortfall by volunteering to complete jobs that have been lost, take a flying fuck to yourselves, it’s only a matter of time before we get sick of your wastefulness and take matters into our own hands, we should make the recent Tottenham riots look like a small skirmish with a tiny bonfire thrown in for good measure, string these fuckers up and take back what is rightfully ours.

’till the next time…..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

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