Break The Banks

With the recent theft of our taxes by the rich, and let us not forget that the people involved with this are extremely rich, bankers and financiers, to bail out their incompetence and fulfill their greed. It is time to hit back and hit back hard, what we must do is question every move they make question every transaction they make and stop using their services that produce profits for them, it will be only then that they will have to listen to us and we will retrieve the funds we generously gave them.

Write to your MP on a regular basis, a very regular basis, bombard your bank demanding to know what they are doing with YOUR money and then charge them for the the letter, remember the way they do with you, do not accept loans or credit from them, go to a local credit union to secure low cost loans take out interest free deals for products you require just don’t use the banks and big financial organisations for these services, let’s together run them out of town and show them we won’t put up with their greed any longer.

Here is a breakdown of where OUR money has gone:

The commitments include buying £76bn of shares in Royal Bank of Scotland and the Lloyds Banking Group; indemnifying the Bank of England against losses incurred in providing more than £200bn of liquidity support; guaranteeing up to £250bn of wholesale borrowing by banks to strengthen liquidity; providing £40bn of loans and other funding to Bradford & Bingley and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme; and insurance cover of over £280bn for bank assets.

In a report, the National Audit Office ruled that the “unprecedented” £850bn of support for the banks was “justified” to head off the potential damage of one or more of them going bust, and preserving people’s savings and confidence in the financial system.

“Justified” your having a fuckin’ laugh of course we’ve lost confidence in the banking system in as much as we would lose confidence in a baby sitter if they were to kill your child whilst in their care. It’s possibly time we let the fuckers go under, let’s face it capitalism is dying in front of our eyes, let’s give it a decent burial and soon before they bring the rest of us down with it.

Banking is a business just like any others, unless your one of the wealthy that have shares in one or more or actually own it, then it becomes a priority to keep it running, did any one give a fuck when Woolworths bit the dust, or Borders, Habitat, Focus DIY, Oddbins or Pontin’s, did they fuck, sell the resources and get on with it, but god forbid a bank goes under, we are told that if any of the large banks went under then it would be a crisis form the country as our economy relies on these financial organisations to keep the country afloat, bollocks, a country relies on it’s inhabitants to run it, inhabitants like me and you, we are the ones working our fingers to the bone, creating the wealth for these cunts to play monopoly with in the stock market, then, when they fuck up it’s put the hat round and give us more money to play with, well for me it’s a big FUCK OFF, to them. If any of us messed up in our jobs then we would pay the ultimate price in losing our jobs, why should they be any different. It’s time we ran down the avenues where the wealthy live and burn their shit down.