Profit – The Ugly Face Of Capitalism

The Post Office announced a loss this year of £140 Million, quite a loss but this is not really a loss because they have £39 Million profit, yup…. £39 Million profit, so not really a loss is it. You see that’s the problem with the Capitalist society today, we are supposed to believe that companies have made a loss and this has to be reflected in job losses……. bollocks, this is just to alleviate the guilt of management for laying off the workers.

Teachers, in England and Wales, voted this year to take strike action over pension cuts along with a 2 year pay freeze it equates to a 3% pension cut.

What do these two stories have in common, greedy bankers, that’s what, the so called losses and local authority cuts are to counteract the bank crash, now, have the banks cut staffing levels, have the banks announced losses, well with the exception of the Royal Bank Of Scotland, have the management taken pay cuts, have they declined bonuses ???? HAVE THEY FUCK, they continue to rape the poor and working class of this country to fulfill their greed, it is time we all stood together and vented our anger at not only the banks but the government themselves as it were they who “gave” our money away to the banks to bail out their incompetence, it is time for everyone to take a stance and let the Financial organisations know we will not put up with their greed any longer.

Need Not Greed, feed the hungry, house the homeless, look after the sick and infirm, is that not the basic rights we all should have being part of a democratic free country, well it would be if there was cash in it for the rich. No money ? Well fuck off, unless you can do something for it, lick some rich fuckers arse, then you can have a crumb, otherwise shut up and beg for a better life.

Celebrity ?

The dictionary refers to the nature of celebrity thus:

a famous person.

Renown, fame

Celebrity – the state or quality of being widely honoured and acclaimed.

So how does this fit in with what we regard as a celebrity these days, well, look at who the general public regard as celebrity, Jordan (Katie Price), Jodie Marsh, Coleen Rooney (nee McLaughlan), and any of the pityful specimens that dare to grace our TV screens on reality shows such as Big Brother, X Factor and Pop Idol to name a few. “Reality” shows, there’s an oxymoron for you, nothing like a scripted, controlled environment to make a “reality” show, the only thing that’s real on these shows are the high levels of idiocy, we can’t complain there, value for money.

But what have any of the people mentioned above done to deserve the the status of celebrity. Jordan and Jodie, go to parties, get a bit pissed then pop the twins out at the mere sight of paparazzi cameras, Jordan did up the anti by signing up for her own series of TV shows, totally saturating the ITV2 channel for years with her own brand of shit. Coleen, shags Wayne Rooney….. well, that’s it, she shags Wayne Rooney, when she can prise him away from the body of some octogenarian. Although she is now seen as some sort of scally fashionista, recommending the latest in shell suits no doubt. Don’t even begin to tell me ANY of the Big Brother / X Factor / Pop Idol reality “stars” have any redeeming qualities that would influence the youth of today, apart from flaunting wealth. “No More Heroes” the Stranglers sang…. how true….. how very true …..

“Well I’m tired of staring through shit stained glass

Tired of staring up a superstars arse

I’ve got an arse and crap and a name

I’m just waiting for my fifteen minutes fame”

Punk Is Dead – Crass

We as members of the public are fooled into believing the media hype when any of these people are thrust into the limelight, the only use they have is to sell tacky magazines and tabloid newspapers…. oh… and to prostitute themselves for lots and lots of money to the highest bidder, they show no shame in spouting out stories of former lovers, etc… in fact anything that will keep them in the limelight, the latest trauma is child abuse, all of these arseholes now seem to have been abused in some sort of way as children, eh !… didn’t hear that in any of the audition tapes…. only when the cameras stop snapping, phone stops ringing and folk stop looking and pointing at them in the street, then the whining little maggots feed us another snippet of why their life is a living hell. Older generations must look at these sorry articles and scream “Is that what we fought the war for ?…..”, whilst my generation can only hold it’s head in shame, after all these are the spawn of the Thatcher generation, another reason, as if we needed one, to continue hating her and her Tory Government even more, but that’s another rant for another day……

As the list of fuckwits grows ever longer, and the paper mountain grows ever higher, due to the shit publications they are asked to contribute to. Is it not about time we put our foot down and put a stop to this crap. Jordan is on her 4th ….. yeah you read that correctly….. 4th autobiography, she’s only 33 for fuck sake !! how many times do we need to read of how many guys she’s bedded, she’s been ridden more times than Red Rum. We don’t care what her and her slimey husband / boyfriend of the moment get up to when the light go out, or in her case when the cameras stop rolling. Jordan has become the living embodiment of the movie “The Trueman Show” she would love the cameras to run 24/7, we don’t, personally I have had a belly full of the Jordan / Katie saga, it’s time we saw through the facade. This horrible human being will stop at nothing to keep her surgically enhanced face on all the tabloids and minor TV channels, even stooping as low as putting her disabled son in the public eye, how low will she go, she did after all say she wanted to give birth live on the Internet, a sight to behold and riveting telly I’m sure you will agree.

It’s getting that bad that the pile of shit that is “The Only Way Is Essex” won a BAFTA !!!! The truly gifted actors who were nominated that year must have been perturbed at the judges decision on the winner, the work the trained actors put in coupled with the real writers who spend massive amounts of time putting together well scripted stories. The “real people” who work “unscripted” on this moronic insight to Essex are muppets, unintelligent, fake and money grabbing pieces of shit who do not deserve to be on TV, in fact there have been more intelligent specimens left at the bottom of an abortion bucket, than these oxygen thieves. The phrase most heard when I’m spouting these diatribes is “they might be stupid, but they’re millionaires”, the former might be true, but, wealth at what cost, these people have no morals and this is what has brought them their fame and wealth, and try telling queen of the morons Jade Goody that money and fame is everything, it did nothing for her when diagnosed with cancer, my point is, these people see money over everything, cash is king, grab it by any means necessary, no thought for others, no morals, empty vessels.

Folks, do we really want out children / grandchildren looking up to these retards as some sort of role models or god forbid a hero, it’s a no brainer, of course we don’t, so what do we do, well for one stop buying the trashy magazines they rely on and the tabloids that would sell their grannies to get a celebrity story, switch off the TV whenever a program comes on with the fuckwits in it, write to your TV stations asking for better programming, this would apply more to the BBC, remember we as licence payers have a big say, if we cancel our licence they get fuck all to pay these double z listers. Do what is right, you know it makes sense.