Profit – The Ugly Face Of Capitalism

The Post Office announced a loss this year of £140 Million, quite a loss but this is not really a loss because they have £39 Million profit, yup…. £39 Million profit, so not really a loss is it. You see that’s the problem with the Capitalist society today, we are supposed to believe that companies have made a loss and this has to be reflected in job losses……. bollocks, this is just to alleviate the guilt of management for laying off the workers.

Teachers, in England and Wales, voted this year to take strike action over pension cuts along with a 2 year pay freeze it equates to a 3% pension cut.

What do these two stories have in common, greedy bankers, that’s what, the so called losses and local authority cuts are to counteract the bank crash, now, have the banks cut staffing levels, have the banks announced losses, well with the exception of the Royal Bank Of Scotland, have the management taken pay cuts, have they declined bonuses ???? HAVE THEY FUCK, they continue to rape the poor and working class of this country to fulfill their greed, it is time we all stood together and vented our anger at not only the banks but the government themselves as it were they who “gave” our money away to the banks to bail out their incompetence, it is time for everyone to take a stance and let the Financial organisations know we will not put up with their greed any longer.

Need Not Greed, feed the hungry, house the homeless, look after the sick and infirm, is that not the basic rights we all should have being part of a democratic free country, well it would be if there was cash in it for the rich. No money ? Well fuck off, unless you can do something for it, lick some rich fuckers arse, then you can have a crumb, otherwise shut up and beg for a better life.

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