Pickles Talks Rubbish

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles today announced that he would invest £250 Million to councils in order to reinstate the “weekly” rubbish collections. Pickles and his Tory cronies believe that throwing this absobitant amount of money at a useless scheme is a winning strategy, and Pickles stated “it’s a basic right to have weekly collections” what a load of bollocks.

The reasons the staggered collections were started was to make a conscious effort to encourage recycling, if this were to be reversed then we would be reverting back to a refuse collection that would add to the rubbish being dumped on landfill sites. Although in his interview with the BBC this morning, Mr Pickles did refers to the refuse collections as “refuge” collections, he obviously does not know the difference between something being thrown away and a place to hide, I suggest that he find “refuge” should he put his plan into action. again this is parliament squandering the public’s money revamping policies put in place by a previous administration, we could use this money for better uses. This type of action is no more than blatant childish behaviour using our money to fuel their inane actions.

The current fortnightly collections do work, yes, it did take a while to get used to the change but it does allow recycling to progress, more people do recycle due to the fortnightly collections, and to revert back would be a backward step.

‘Till the next time…..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Fucking Scumbag !

At the weekend in Renfrewshire an ambulance was stolen from a medics house, this ambulance was used to provide much needed medical assistance to sick children all over Scotland. Some scumbag broke into the medics house and stole the keys to the ambulance, it was found today in Paisley totally wrecked and burned out, a man is appearing in Paisley Sheriff Court tomorrow, let’s hope, if he is the guilty one, he gets the full sentence and when in jail a couple of big burly fuckers get a hold of him and kick the shit out of him on a daily basis until his release. I also hope that if this cunt has children that if they require medical help they wait until the end of the queue, then they can kick the shit out of their father for the pain he will have put them through.

Just had to get this off my chest, there are some things off limits when crimes are being committed and the medical services are one of them in my mind.

‘Till the next time…..

Another Fat Cat Freed Early

Shamed MP Elliot Morley has been freed 4 months into his 16 month sentence for expense fraud. What the fuck is going on here ? obviously we need the prison space for the recent rioters, so how do we do that ? let the rich fuckers out first, get a fucking grip judges, let these cunts rot in their own feces, god knows they deserve it.

In total, Morley claimed £16,800 on a bogus mortgage and £15,200 after inflating the amount he was previously paying, which he should have been entitled to only £1,572. On sentencing Mr Justice Saunders said he was guilty of “blatant dishonesty” and had “thrown away his good name and character”. Fuck off Judge, good name and character, your having a laugh, the fat, greedy, lying, cheating, thieving bastard is a politician, he never had a good name to begin with.

Morley - Another Fat, Cheating Cunt Goes Free

To release this cunt early is a travesty, the politicians that have been imprisoned over their theft of public money by fraudulent means should spend the full term in prison, after all these deceitful bastards would happily dole out larger sentences on the normal man in the street, again it shows the “One law for them” attitude is still rife. hopefully this fucker will never work again and be treated like the criminal he is, remember if you see this cheating fraudster in your area, remember to let him, and others in the vicinity,  know what a fucking rotter he actually is.

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Obama Announces US Deficit Cut Plans

President Obama yesterday announced plans to reduce America’s debt, this involves a controversial tax rise for the rich and wealthy and cutting Medicare health plans. President Obama said:

Obama Ponders, how to start the Class War

“the wealthy and corporations should pay their “fair share” to cut the deficit” he went on to add “Middle-class families shouldn’t pay higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires,” he said. “It’s hard to argue against that”

He finished of by saying “It’s not class warfare, it’s math.”

As much as I agree with what Obama is trying to do, I do disagree with his last statement, It’s not math, THIS IS CLASS WAR, it always has been and until capitalism dies, it always will be. Until we rid ourselves of the shackles of a grossly unfair monitory system we will always have differences in class structure, the “haves” will always taunt the “have Nots” and use them to fulfill their needs, without actually paying them what their worth, for the sole reason of “keeping them in their place”

Coming To A Street Near You !

Bit by Bit the working class will start to fight back, well, look at the recent riots in England, the rumblings are there and they will only get bigger, as will the Class War movement, we are sick to fucking death of the privileged classes shiting all over us, we used to disrupt the Henley Regatta’s in the 80’s, let me tell you it’s funny as fuck watching the uber posh running scared as we ran through their party, we likened it to their fox hunting, this was our version, only difference was we didn’t skin any fucker we caught. The rich put up with the working class so long as they can control them in an environment such as their kitchen, or cleaning for them, but god forbid we have any thoughts of our own and try and act on them, and boy do they get miffed when we gather in areas where they wish to congregate. We must devistate the avenues where the wealthy live.

This is Class War, we will take the power from you by any means necessary, it might take a while but we will win. Obama you’re heritage is being part of an oppressed race, the African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, and all other minority races in America are looking to you to change the status quo while you are in power, and, I do think that you are making a small step towards change, the Republicans don’t like your proposals and vow to stop any proposal you put forward, but I support what you are trying to do, any money taken from the wealthy cannot be bad.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

The Grumpy Guide to….. Grumpy Guides

Last night I tuned into the Grumpy Guide To The Eighties, now I like the Grumpy Guide series on telly, well, a grumpy old fucker like myself likes to join in, but the reason I’ve decided to write about this is my very own grump about these programs. In case your not familiar with the format of the program, a subject is taken, in this case the 80’s, and a bunch of celebrities are asked to recollect their memories of what happened and if possible relate to their involvement in them, with a grumpy negative attitude of course. So in this program the usual culprits are displayed on screen and the first subject spoken about, which in this case was the game show 3, 2, 1, with Ted Rodgers, then they got on the the terrible music, fashion, politics, mobile phones, computer games and finally the “mullet” hairstyle.

Celebrities asked to participate were, Matt Le Tissier, Neil Morrissey, Roni Ancona, Al Murray, Terry Christian, Ed Byrne, Shappi Khorsandi Huey Morgan and Russell Kane………. yeah, the comedian Russell Kane, asked to comment on the subject of why the 80’s was shit and how it affected his life, let me tell you readers, Russell kane was born in August 1980!

Russell Kane - Acceptible In The 80's ?

Now I do quite like the comedic talents of the aforementioned Mr Kane but to hear him recollect his memories of the 80’s was, well, how do I put it…….. infuriating to say the least. let’s just put this in perspective, the first two years of Mr Kane’s life in the 80’s were spent gurgling inane noises, sucking on his mothers tit and soiling himself, then a couple of years toddling about, learning to walk, talk and stuffing marbles and Lego up his nose, then he would start school, now this would take him up to 1985 or so. In the years leading up to this what have we been through in this time line, well, Thatcher has started closing Coal Mines, Steel Works and creating Yuppies and mass unemployment, we were marching on a regular basis for such causes as CND, Right To Work, and many others, while Mr Kane sits around shitting his nappy with not a care. So not much for him to remember for the first five years.

1986 onwards would see the young Mr Kane strap on his satchel and begin primary school, now some memories would be able to recounted, if the show required memories on Little Billy pulling the pigtails on Little Jenny and how his action man doll got flushed down the toilet. The only thing I think Mr kane could comment with any authority would be the music of the time, we all have musical memories that hark back to our younger days, how the fuck can he comment on Thatcher, Miners Strikes, Anti Poll Tax riots, using a mobile phone, being unemployed, the Falklands war, going to Camden Palace with the rest of the New Romantics, he can’t, he can only go on what he’s read or been told by others, therefore why is he on this show, you would be as well getting me to comment on “The Grumpy Guide To The 60’s”, I could tell all the viewers about how great it was going to Brighton on my scooter, and buying the latest records by The Beatles or the Who, where I was was when Kennedy was shot, the list goes on, but the truth is yes I know these things happened, I was alive at the time but I was a fucking infant, if I’m truthful, really all I can remember was sitting in puddles licking worms, and I’m sure the great british public have no interest in that.

Mr Kane, when asked to participate in these shows please think before accepting, I understand you want to get your face on the screen, and possibly need the apperance money, but at the cost of making an arse of yourself ? I don’t think it’s worth it.

‘Till the next time…….

Stay Grumpy !

Moron MP Moran’s Magistrates Manifestation

Shamed MP for Luton, Margaret Moran has appeared in court accused of illegally claiming £80,000 in parliamentary expenses, not one charge but 15 different charges ranging from fraud to false accounting.

Go Straight To Jail - Thieving Cow

At last these thieving bastards are getting brought to justice, hopefully she will get the full punishment she rightfully deserves, but I fear she will get a lighter sentence just as her cohorts Lords Hanningfield and Taylor, got let out of jail early. It’s all very well starting expensive court cases against these lying, cheating, thieving bastards, but not to follow through with them serving the full sentence or giving them the correct fines is morally wrong and this is what angers the public, much in the same way as the bankers have gotten away with their theft of public money.

As soon as harsh sentences are doled out and terms kept then maybe the scumbag politicians might just think before they steal from the very people that they depend on to put them into office.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

I Am An Anarchist…….

“The anarchist revolution that we want transcends the interests of a single class, it envisages the liberation of all humanity which is at present enslaved, either economically, politically, or morally.” Errico Malatesta.

Big Brother..... The Future

As an Anarchist, I believe that we, as individuals, have the right to make our own. decisions in life, and that choice is essential to any “real” freedom. Anarchists reject all forms of government on the grounds that a ‘governed’ society is a society in chains. It is inevitable that socialist ideas of organisation and centralisation should cause friction, since both are a form of control, and control, to an anarchist, is slavery.

The major enemy to anarchists are politicians, they are the oppressors, they bind us to laws that benefit the few and control the many. Anarchy in it’s true form should not be confused with the chaotic scenario that many people associate with the belief. Anarchists do believe in law and order, but not man made laws, the moral laws of what is right and wrong, for example, it is morally wrong to steal from your fellow man, it’s wrong to kill, it’s morally wrong to let your fellow man starve, or be without a decent home, these things seem to be left out of our man made laws, they tell you it’s wrong to kill, but wars initiated in the name of god and country are OK, totally hypocritical. Yes there are bad people out there and we need to formulate ideas in how to deal with them but when greed and hatred, based on beliefs, class, colour and creed is taken out of the equation and everyones needs are catered for, most of today’s society’s crime would be eradicated, or at least dramatically reduced.

Politicians in my opinion have no moral fibre, they choose a career in which their decisions affect millions of people, some of whom cannot make decisions for themselves, for one reason or another, but, these details are not important at this moment. We first hear of these politicians when they are looking for support to get elected, manifesto’s littered with false promises of creating a utopia for all of us to revel in, then once elected the deception begins. The promises are broken, as if they never existed, it seems, the corruption sets in, money for questions, excessive expense accounts are created and public deception begins, of course by deception I do mean lies ! They elevate themselves from being initially public servants to minor “z list” celebrities by involving themselves in meaningless game shows, chat shows and any other forms of public media that will have them, take for example the ridiculous antics of George Galloway on Big Brother, acting like a complete fool, purring like a kitten, then he has the audacity to expect us to take him seriously in Parliament after this, not being able to understand why we ridicule him. We now have the idiotic Lembit Opik, of the Liberal Democrats, once seen flouncing around with his then “cheeky girl” fiancé, not knowing whether to be a politician or an entertainer. Now, I do not advocate that no-one should not have fun or “have a laugh” but, and here’s the big but, if they want to run people’s lives and make massive decisions for a countries well being then they should restrict these antics to the privacy of their own homes or private affairs, and not by inflicting their wacky personalities on the unsuspecting public. This is one of the factors that makes me wonder how sincere their objectives are when they are engaged in their day jobs, I do believe that I’m not the only one who thinks this way either.

The politicians can award themselves vast pay rises, far above the rate of inflation, whilst us commoners have to beg to keep ourselves alive. Don’t these people realise that they effectively work for us, if it weren’t for us they would not be in the privileged position they are.

“People Should not be afraid of their Governments, Governments should be afraid of the people…. “ “V” – from V for Vendetta

They also control us with CCTV, Britain has more cameras than any other country in Europe, according to the latest studies, Britain has a staggering 4.2million CCTV cameras – one for every 14 people in the country – and 20 per cent of cameras globally. It has been calculated that each person is caught on camera an average of 300 times daily. Big brother is watching you ! The Orwellian prediction is coming true, couple CCTV with the proposed introduction of ID cards, DNA libraries and the circle will be complete. We will have nowhere to hide, we will cease to be individuals, just a number. The cost of this to you and me….? An estimated £500m of public money has been spent on installing CCTV in the last decade. £500m … makes you think…. how many houses that would have built to house the thousands of homeless, how many mouths would that feed, but then, keeping the publics interest at heart does not feed the capitalist mouth now does it ? It is not just CCTV that they can monitor our movements with there is a vast list of tools and systems that we take for granted in our everyday use:

  •  Car Registration Plate Recognition Cameras
  • Shop RFID Tags
  • Mobile Phone Triangulation
  • Store Loyalty Cards
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Oyster Cards
  • Satellites
  • Electoral Roll
  • NHS Patient Records
  • Personal Video Recording
  • Phone Tapping / Hacking
  • Hidden Cameras / Bugs
  • Employer Clocking In Machines
  • Employee Call Monitoring
  • Mobile Phone Cameras
  • Internet Cookies
  • Keystroke Programs

The list above is by no means complete it’s just a sample of what can and is used to monitor our movements, as you can see most of these items will be used by us numerous times a day, and every time we use it, a small flag is raised in our profile. Scared ? You fucking should be ! These massive files are not only used to supervise our movements by the powers that be, they are used by the retail industry, either by using your store card, or sold on by a third party, yeah, we have the data protection act, but, and it’s a huge but, how many of us know how to go about retrieving this information ?. Do you ?

They tell us that all this surveillance is to protect us. I say it’ there to watch us, control us, keep us all in line, “watch your step sonny, keep in line, do as your told” if this expensive network of cameras are there to protect us then why has crime not been eradicated yet ? Crime has risen and fallen with no particular bias on CCTV, So if it’ not there to protect us, and it’s not stopping crime, why are more and more cameras being installed every day ? Another question this raises is who exactly is watching us ? Who is actually being paid to scrutinise our every move? And what qualifies them to engage in this human peep show ?

Orwell wrote about Big Brother watching us, with more and more private organisations using this type of surveillance it’s more like Big Brother, his little twin brothers, his sister, Mum, Dad and the whole fucking family are all in on the act.

Anarchy and anarchism will more than likely never be adopted, but we all must have something to believe in, and for me an anarchistic lifestyle suits my vision of what the world should be, no bigotry, no hatred, no complicated laws, no religion, no planetary borders, no rulers, we are all the same underneath and when we can change our outward appearance to reflect our inner selfs then we are halfway to having a world worth living in.

Apple Store Opens

Quite a straight forward post today, and not one of my normal political rants, today I went to my first Apple store opening this morning in Braehead, the only way I can describe it is surreal.

Getting Ready To Meet The Crowd

When I arrived There was probably about 100 folk in front of me, iPhones, iPad 2’s and other brands of phones all recording and taking photo’s of this extraordinary event. I had seen other Apple store opening events on the web and they seemed to capture the excitement of the crowd, who, being Apple nerds were all going wild at the prospect of a new store to frequent, this was no different. Ten minutes before the store opened, there were loud cheers and screams from the Apple store workers going through some sort of Apple corporate mantra to psych themselves up, it looked very strange but strangely alluring, the doors opened and as the first few customers ran in, they ran a gauntlet of Apple workers all cheering and high five-ing each customer as they ran through, some embraced the ceremony while others looked sheepish as they walked through, me being of the sheepish variety. Being a bit of a Mac nerd myself, these blogs are written on either my 27″ iMac, Macbook or iPad, I also listen to my music on the good old iPod, so having visited Apple stores in the past it I was interested to see what a store opening was like, also the lure of a free T-Shirt also caught my attention. To round off, this was quite an enjoyable experience if somewhat surreal, and now I have an Apple store just over a mile away from where I live, I’m sure the geniuses will get to know me as I pester them for advice in the coming months.

‘Till the next time……

Why Have No Bankers Been Jailed

The following has been taken from Channel 4’s newsreader Jon Snow, I could not have put it better myself. It’s a question that I think should be asked of the government, it just shows, as Jon say’s, the rioters were rounded up within 48 hours and sent to jail, fined or given community service, why have none of the bankers been brought to justice over this, anyway, please read Jon’s piece, it’s a piece of brilliance.

Jon Snow - People's Voice

The publication of the Vickers report into British banking reform sparks the question why the UK has so far failed to prosecute a single individual for his or her misdeeds during the financial meltdown of 2008.

It is now all but three years since the global financial crisis and the virtual implosion of the British banking system.

We were told at the time that the banking regulator, the FSA, had started a ‘major investigation’. Last night on Channel 4 News when I pressed the City Minister, Mark Hoban, he referred constantly to the FSA’s involvement. But where is the Serious Fraud Office? No sign of much happening on that front.

Yet investigators on both sides of the Atlantic have had no doubt that criminality, subterfuge, and downright dishonesty accompanied many of the ingredients that brought about the crash. At the very least there was gross dishonesty in the representation of exposure to the sub-prime mortgage business.

The convenient fall-guy was the Ponzi magician, Bernie Madoff who was quickly jailed for thieving billions with his criminal scheme. But Madoff had nothing to do with bringing down the banks. He’d have been jailed anyway. But his jailing served to suggest that a high profile scalp had been secured.

Last year, the then New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo produced a laundry list of institutions and individuals who were being investigated for potential prosecution. That work too has slowed.

In one month, hundreds of rioters and looters have been prosecuted and punished by the English courts, often for offences with a value of under fifty pounds. Yet the threat to the wellbeing of UKplc was far greater from the bankers than from any number of more arrestable rioters.

There is a strong impression abroad that the UK doesn’t want to prosecute anyone for the banking crisis, a crisis that has affected every tax payer in the Kingdom.

Soon enough the statute of limitations will kick in to ensure that no-one will ever be prosecuted for their role.

Then we can all breathe easy – no banker will ever go to jail, and we can stop asking the nightly question, ‘why not?’ “

Jeremy Hunt’s Anti-Piracy Drive

UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has stated today that he wants stricter regulations on web piracy. He wants Google to remove links to pirate sites and companies to stop advertising on pirate sites. Two words for you Jeremy….. “Fuck” and “You”, get the message.

Jeremy Hunt - Not Rhyming Slang Apparently

Google have responded saying it was unlikely that this would happen and followed up with the following statement:

“Without a court order, any copyright owner can already use our removals process to inform us of copyright infringing content and have it removed from Google Search,”

Good on you Google, The internet is the last bastion of free speech and it should remain that way. I would challenge anyone in this day and age that has not illegally downloaded one piece of software, music, books or movies or received a copy CD/DVD of something pirated. Personally I am into music and I love living in a world where I can instantly listen to any song that pops into my head. I love not having to buy albums only to discover the one good song I heard is the only good thing on the record. I love making mixes of MP3s and being able to add or delete tracks with just a few clicks on my playlists.

I am an unapologetic music pirate. I never need to pay for music again. The Clash on Broadway triple album? Why bother buying it if I can just type in the name of any of their songs and have it in a few minutes? If I want a CD, I’ll buy a burner and make it. I am always asked the following questions when the subject of piracy come up

  •  How can I stand the guilt and shame that comes with stealing food from the table of musicians that have worked so hard to get where they are today?
  • Don’t I have any respect for artistic effort and achievement?
  • What about intellectual property and copyright laws?
  • Aren’t I just taking what isn’t mine?

 The answer to all the above questions is

  •  I have no guilt or shame !
  • No !
  • I Don’t care, laws are meant to be broken !
  • If it exists it’s mine !

 like most criminals with a conscience, I’ve found a way to rationalise my transgression.

When we think of musicians, we tend to think of big successful stars. You can become absurdly wealthy with precious little talent in the music industry, just look at the Pop Idol and X-factor series, I rest my case!  but chances are, even if you are very talented, you won’t. The other picture of a musician, the struggling artist who eventually grows up and has to get a real job, is much more common.

It’s hard to make a living making music. In our society, all industries, even those whose purpose is nominally artistic, exist solely for the sake of turning a profit. Because it’s expensive to market artists, and assuming there is a more or less fixed amount of money that consumers will spend on music, it makes sense for studios to try to make as much money as possible from as few musicians as possible. Fewer musicians also make it easier for industry executives to control both the money and the fans by narrowing their focus.

Thus the music industry, like an organism, has evolved certain adaptations most useful for its survival and prosperity. Here are a few:

  • It has absolute power over who becomes successful.
  • It gives consumers the impression that they have control over who becomes successful.
  • It has direct ties to, and in some instances, control over, and the means of listening to music as well as production and distribution.
  • It is politically powerful.

The effect of these facts on musicians (taken as a whole and averaged out) is obvious: it keeps money out of their hands. While a few artists become very wealthy and a somewhat larger group is able to make a living, the money made in the industry is distributed very unevenly–and that distribution is certainly not commensurate with talent. What’s more, you end up with artists who act like Metallica. The band, whose music ostensibly represents a rebellion against mainstream values, have endorsed corporatism in its most distasteful form by taking legal action against Napster. It presented the company with 60,000 pages of Napster users who had Metallica songs available for download. This bold betrayal of its fans shows that the band does ascribe to that most mainstream of beliefs: money talks.

Unfortunately, because only the popular, rich groups like Metallica are covered by the press, it’s easy to forget about the rest of the music industry. It’s also easy to forget that the most money in music isn’t made by musicians, but by industry executives. The result? The studio system doesn’t benefit most musicians; it hurts them. By controlling absolutely the flow of money generated by music, a few huge media companies end up making it very difficult to make a living making music. Despite what the mansion-dwelling members of Metallica think, the current system is bad for musicians.

So if the studio system hurts musicians, what would be an ideal replacement? It would have to spread money around broadly, creating few truly rich people. Therefore, there’d have to be little or no centralized control. It would have to reward talent above promotion, and marketing costs would have to be minimal. To put it briefly, musicians would have control over their own careers.

It’s fairly easy to imagine a world like that. Music would be distributed by musicians themselves at little or no cost, with most revenue coming from performing. (Don’t forget, there was a time not all that long ago when the technology to record sound didn’t exist, and performing was virtually the only source of income for musicians.) People would have access to a wide selection of music and be able to learn about new music easily driving bad music out of business. Sure, 13-year-old girls might have trouble picking objects of fantasy without the guidance of the record industry, but sacrifices must be made.

But what would it take to effect such a radical change? The current music studios wield enormous muscle, and dismantling that industry would obviously take a revolution of sorts, an occurrence so profound that it would forever change the way we think about making money from music.

Napster before and now torrent and P2P file sharing groups just might be that revolution, iTunes, can be used for the corporate whores who wish world music domination.

It’s likely that people haven’t realized just what a fundamental change to the music world this technology represents. It is now possible to acquire instantly virtually any song ever performed. (At this point it’s easier to find Boyzone than Big Audio Dynamite, but given time, the system will asymptotically approach completeness.) The sound is CD-quality and doesn’t degrade with further copying. Now that people have gained this ability, they will never give it up, no matter what Metallica, Dr. Dre, or the Recording Industry Associations around the globe would like to think. Even after they managed to foil Napster, a private company, there are already open-source, decentralized alternatives to Napster that provide no easy target for prosecution, recent court appearances from Swedish web masters The Pirate Bay also threw a big two fingers up  to the music industry and to this day have still refused to pay the $2,000,000 fine imposed on them and have never closed their site down.

Such power in the hands of users is the natural result of Internet evolution. The ability to network computers across the globe has an obvious conclusion: all information ever created available to everyone, everywhere, for free.

Eventually a free exchange of music will be so common that the idea of calling it stealing will be absurd. Intellectual property and copyright will take on new meaning–or cease to exist. And it won’t just benefit the consumers of music, but also the creators. Yes, there will be fewer mega rich stars. But artists will no longer be held hostage by a greedy industry that cares only about wringing as much money from them as possible.

I will also add that while I do download music, when I find something I like I will support that artist by buying their wares and go to the concerts and occasionally buy a t-shirt, what I’m getting at is most illegal downloaders actually contribute to the industry that they are supposed to be stealing from, a study has proved that illegal downloaders spend more on average per year than people who say they don’t illegally download, as reported in the Independent on 1st November 2009:

“People who illegally download music from the internet also spend more money on music than anyone else, according to a new study. The survey, found that those who admit illegally downloading music spent an average of £77 a year on music – £33 more than those who claim that they never download music dishonestly.”

That study was prompted by Peter mandelson, then Secretary of State for Business, who planned to:

“crack down on illegal downloaders by threatening to cut their internet connections with a “three strikes and you’re out” rule.”

Well, Peter’s plans worked out then, as more pirate sites have appeared on line since then. Downloading is not killing the respective industries, capitalism and greed are to blame, eradicate this and we will eradicate the need to illegally download.

Maybe I’m only justifying my theft. But I feel OK about it.

‘Till the next time………..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality….. and free music.