Horny Porny Children

Today on the BBC news it was reported that children are accessing online porn at a younger and younger age, the source of this information to the cross party enquiry into online child protection ….. The Sun’s agony aunt, Deirdre Sanders, yup Dear Deirdre ….. yup from the Sun …… the agony aunt who’s column is filled with titillating tittle tattle from all sorts of losers around the country, all sexual, no real problems are addressed such as teenage depression, rise of youth obesity, drug issues, or any of the tens of problems that teenagers suffer from these days, just letters from sad, sad people wanting advice on their issue with their girlfriend not wanting to have a threesome with his mates, or others having affairs, sexual deviance in abundance, has the cheek to raise this issue with MP’s, plus the fact she works for the scummiest rag to come out of Fleet Street, The Sun, the good old ” Current Bun “, the paper that invented the phrase ” cor blimey mate, look at the tit’s on that ” heard on early morning busses on the way to work or school, the only paper in the 21st Century still to have a page 3 girl, and for them to have morals about children accessing porn is a fucking joke, the first pair of tit’s a kid sees are from the good ol’ Sun, then when that’s not enough they will work up to a full blown “Jazz Mag”, then on to porn movies, then when the deviancy reaches the ultimate level our kid will go out and rape some poor unsuspecting girl who shows off a bit too much cleavage on a night out, then the Sun can report on this evil kid who goes about raping women, this sick individual that should be locked up ‘cos he’s not normal, the hypocrisy has now gone full circle.

Now the hypocrisy does not stop there, a couple of quotes were posted on the BBC news site, which went like this……

“there is a lot of pornographic material available without age restriction or the need to pay”.


“We are talking about them (children) being able to look at extremely hard-core pornography without having to pay or say their age,”

So who would have made such statements……. none other than the former home secretary Jacqui Smith. Smith accompanied Deirdre and and also appeared before the panel and told MPs what her own research had showed her. This is the same bitch that her deviant husband orders porn and then put’s it on her parliamentary expense sheet, yeah we know what research you did love, your man got a stack of wank mags and told you what the kids would like. As you can see the hypocrisy runs deep, much like the throats that Deirdre gets so many letters about.