Election Time !

Well it’s that time of the year again……….. election time, where the great British public will vote in their numbers, campaigns will be drafted, speeches written to capture the public’s attention……. Sorry, I think I might be confusing you all out there, it’s not an election for a politician, but the next celebrity moron “Z” lister to grace the small screen. 14 hopefuls will parade in front of some screaming halfwitted members of the public, the gathered throng ready to scream at some nobody they haven’t heard of, as if they have just starred in a Hollywood blockbuster, but in reality probably work in Blockbuster. One by one the cretins will filter into the house, to spend up to two months spouting platitudes, as if the majority of us sensible folk give a fuck, these arse holes have nothing to say that would have any relevance to our life. As I’ve said before, the people who enter the Big Brother house, celebrity or otherwise, are nothing more than egotistical, shallow, media whores, who will stop at nothing to get their slimy faces on the TV and tabloid papers at any given chance. Look at what Channel 5 have are using as their show starter, inserting Hollywood harlot Pamela Anderson into the house to mix with the great unwashed, Pamela have you no shame….. silly question, of course you don’t, any excuse to get your botoxed face, and plastic tit’s back in the public eye, well your video of you shagging Tommy Lee is so 1990’s dahling, it’s time you updated your CV, eh Pammy.

Do the members of the public not think of their families and friends before going into the house, let’s remember this is the 11th Season, we all know what goes on while this shit is on, celebrity gossip magazines and the tabloid journalists, will step over each other to anally rape the friends and family of the housemates to get a juicy titbit of gossip on them, weird sexual preferences, fall out with parents, previous boy / girlfriends, what ever they can get they will tart up and take great pleasure in printing it.

Come two months time we shall have elected our new celebrity “Z” list moron, other morons will swoon over them, lesser morons will aspire to be them, and some morons will follow them about, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or become their very own celebrity stalker, the press will continue to fill column inches with utter shite about them, then a few weeks will pass and they will find a new twat to victimise, the new “Z” lister will turn up to every event, fuck, they are so desperate they would turn up at the opening of a packet of crisps, fucking losers.

I know I come down hard on the Big Brother contestants every season, but, with the exception of the first one where no-one knew what would happen and it was very basic and low key, now, the contestants enter knowing full well they are being thrust into the public eye and use the program as a stepping stone to try and become presenters, or some shit like that, and in the girls case a ” Glamour Model “, wake up love, there’s nothing glamorous about getting your “nawks” out for some sad, fat old fucker to deposit his seed all over your picture in the wank mag that features you that month. The guys see it as being put in the window for the birds to have a gander at the ” merch ” and possibly shag their way to stardom. They should know what they are getting into, and I will continue to mock and ridicule everyone associated with this ridiculous program, until they stop making it, we have enough cretins in this world, giving them airtime only turns them into super cretins, we certainly don’t want that.