9/11 – 10 Years On

Yesterday saw the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre towers in New York. Images of this horrendous attack on civilians are embedded in our minds, who will forget seeing two planes dissipate into the buildings, workers blood stained and shocked running in the streets, emergency services strained to breaking point, then moments after the planes collided and the buildings were burning, we saw specks dropping from the towers, we later found out that they were people, people who saw jumping from that towering inferno as their only way out, it was overwhelming to say the least. 2977 innocent people perished that day, and 19 religious zealots, hell bent on mass murder in the name of Allah.

Being an Atheist I cannot understand why sensible people turn into irrational idiots who believe in an invisible being that lives in the sky and created everything and controls everything, but no one has any proof that the being ever existed. These individuals turn on anyone who does not agree with their views, or their God. Now, I rely on science to prove things, and in my mind there is irrefutable evidence that there is no God, and the teachings of the Bible, Qur’an and any other religious texts have been dissected to prove that the writings are all lies, lies set out to keep the poor in line. This is fact, end of argument. This is what makes the attacks on WTC more shocking to me, that a group of people will kill strangers in another land, in essence, over a book.

I do empathise with the families of the dead, and my heart felt wishes go with them, no-one, absolutely no-one, deserves to die in they way the victims did.

But I must get onto issues with that actual attacks and the way American and British Governments dealt initially with and retribution for the attacks. Now shortly after the attacks America became a no fly zone, and Osama Bin Laden became public enemy number 1, and what did George Dubya Jr do ? piled some of the Bin Laden family members that were visiting America onto a plane an fly them the fuck out of the country, Why ? because there was oil money involved, Georgie boy and the Bush clan had a vested interest in the Bin Laden family.

Then a short time later when they were well on their way home, George appears on TV to announce a war with Iraq and Afghanistan, called ” The War On Terror “, you were either with ” Dubya” or against the whole of the Western World and a supporter of Al Quieda, Tony Blair and the British Government as usual kissed Yankee ass and followed suit.

In amongst the chaos that ensued the Towers started ” collapsing ” surprisingly tumbling in a similar way as a condemned building would when subject to a controlled explosion, which to me is a strange thing, should the buildings not start collapsing from the top, where the planes hit the building and not from the basement as they did. Also when the rubble was being cleared they found part of the passport of one of the terrorists, how the fuck did this happen ? no other parts of a plane were recovered from the wreckage so how did a paper passport survive.

There are too many inconstancies regarding the evidence that sparked the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, too may to include in this blog, but are well documented elsewhere, my recommendation is the book A New Pearl Harbour by David Ray Griffin, Griffin unearths many facts regarding the attack not only on the twin towers but also the attack on the Pentagon that happened later that day. Tony Blair recently said that the invasion was not directly to blame for the insurgence of terror attacks by radicalised muslims, but the muslim religion itself, and the muslim people believe literally in the teachings of the Qur’an, this, to me is a very hypocritical statement as the bible belt Americans believe the same with regards to the teachings of the Bible, what’s the difference, most Christians believe their religion to be the one and only true faith, and history shows Christians have been guilty of terror attacks on non believers, all in the name of God.

The attacks on 9th September 2001 changed the world, not for the better, religious zealots have been given fuel for their fire, regardless of the religion in question. Arms dealers are in their glory, business has never been better in this time of austerity it it probably one of the few to turn a massive profit. The governments of the ” Free ” West now have total control over the public, terror alerts now have us all quaking in our boots, we are being told not to trust anyone, religious bigotry is set to hit an all time high, and they are perfectly willing to perpetuate this at any cost. We live in a time of fear, and will continue to live in fear as long as we believe the lies emanating from the mouths of our leaders, not all muslims are terrorists, but not all Westerners follow the one true faith, and as soon as we embrace the phrase No Masters, No Gods, we might just create a planet that’s fit to live in.

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