Lords Dodge Expense Fraud – Bastards

Lords Taylor and Hanningfield have been released from prison early. The two peers jailed for Parliamentary expense fraud, Hanningfield got sent down for 9 months for embezzling £14,000 claiming they were for overnight stays, and Taylor got 1 year for falsely claiming £11,277, the hooray Henry’s were released with a curfew and being electronically tagged after serving 1 third of their sentences, shocking to say the least.

The two Lords still don’t admit to any wrong doing, both claiming that “it’s an accepted practice amongst Members of the Lords”. What a ludicrous claim, from two supposedly intelligent, upstanding members of the system. This is what has angered the British public. between these robbing fuckers and the Banking community raping our finances is it any wonder that we’re angry. Will any of the rioters who seized an opportunity of liberating some goods from stores get released early, will they fuck, they will be left to complete their sentences, unlike these silver spoon fed arse holes, who are given every opportunity handed to them on a plate, but this is not enough, they have to steal from the less fortunate to boost their ever increasing wealth.

Hanningfield and Taylor, what a pair of wankers.







Just take a look at their smug faces, knowing they have gotten away with theft, if this had been any normal working class employee, we would have lost a lot more that just our pride, our jobs would have been taken away from us before we could blink. These fuckers deserve to rot in jail for the full term of their sentences and more, it is further proof that their is definitely one law for them and one for us. Once again I plead to the great British public, stop voting for politicians, today’s MP is tomorrow’s Lord, let’s kick these parasitic bastards out, stop them living the life of luxury at our expense.

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