Nuclear Power – Non Merci

An explosion tore through a French Nuclear plant today, in March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Power plant in Japan suffered major damage due to the massive earthquake to hit Japan, this was the third disaster to hit nuclear plants in Japan in a space of 12 years, the others occurring in Mihama in 2004, and Tokaimura in 1999. by far the biggest disaster to hit the planet was the Russian plant Chernobyl in 1985.

I was a big supporter of CND in the eighties, as at that time we all thought that the biggest nuclear threat was from the bomb but as the cold war between the Americans and Russians has now ended, this threat seemed to dissipate, although some of the Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries seem intent in building a nuclear arsenal.


No one wins in nuclear war, have no lessons been learned since Nagasaki and Hiroshima, populations will be devastated, food supplies would be almost non existent for decades, and the chances of rebuilding future generations will lessen by at least 70%, radiation will reduce production of the male sperm and the female womb will find it harder to produce fertile eggs. So whoever “wins” the war, will find it extremely difficult to build a new country after the devastation of nuclear war. Is it really worth it.

So the other threat to the planet is the problem of discovering a safe new energy source as the planet’s gas and oil supplies are quickly eradicating, nuclear power is supposedly that source. well with the disasters that have occurred over the last 25 years or so is, I believe, cause for concern, we don’t fully comprehend the full extent of the damage a big meltdown could do to the environment. we don’t fully know the extent of radiation that’s filtering into the air, if the Government do, they sure as fuck won’t tell us, after all they will lose money, and that won’t do will it ? Nuclear power is dangerous, nuclear power is not as clean as they make out, it takes thousands of years for high level radioactive waste to become safe for humans, clean energy ? Who the fuck do they think they’re kidding.

I have no real confidence in nuclear power, I certainly do not agree with, or see any reason to have, nuclear weapons, they are the ultimate evil and with all the tyrannical megalomaniacs vying for power the quicker we disarm all existing ones and outlaw the production of new weapons, the better. To roll out all the slogans we used in the marches in the 80’s, Disarm or Die, Protest and Survive, and I Want To Grow Up, Not Blow Up, are just as relevant today as they were then. Why not check out some disturbing movies on the subject The War Game by Peter Watkins, made in 1965 and banned by the BBC until 1985, a bit outdated now but frightening none the less, and another BBC commissioned drama Threads set in Sheffield in the early 80’s follows the main character through the devastation of nuclear war in Britain, very hard hitting stuff.

I will end this blog with a quote from Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy, I could not have put it better myself, and sums up this whole blog in a paragraph.

“The nuclear bomb is the most anti-democratic, anti-human, outright evil thing that mankind has ever made..this world of ours is four thousand, six hundred million years old. It could end in an afternoon.”
Arundhati Roy (Novelist and Activist)

‘Till the next time,

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

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