Liam Fox Proud Dealer in Death

Liam Fox today at the Arms Exhibition in London says that he was proud that the UK is the second largest arms exporter, he was quoted as saying:

“UK arms companies play a key role in promoting foreign policy objectives and furthering enlightened international engagement”

Liam Fox - Dealer In Death

So by foreign policy objectives I think he means selling arms to countries such as Libya, then when the fascist regime turn on their own people the weapons will be used by the dictators armies on the very people they should have been protecting, the rebel forces will be required to buy weapons to defend themselves so they buy more from the dealers thus maximising the profits to these death dealers. How many times do we have to see these weapons of death used to hurt the innocent, why do we have to see young soldiers return to our shores with missing limbs due to weaponry we have sold to these regimes. War solves nothing, well, with the exception of making the weapon dealers hugely rich. These dealers in death have no remorse, they don’t care who gets maimed or killed by their products as long as they keep selling the tools to kill.

We must ensure that we voice our distain over the dealing in weapons just as we did at the start of the illegal war in Iraq, if we keep quiet they will consider this our approval. Not in my name…….. ever.

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