MP’s Angry At Losing Jobs – Ah Diddums

I wrote yesterday about the proposed constituency cuts, today, surprise surprise, MP’s have voiced their anger at these cuts as they might join the rest of the great unwashed on the unemployment line, well, boo fuckin’ hoo, welcome to the real world, the rest of the country have had to put up with public spending cuts so why shouldn’t you, you are after all public servants. The proposed shake up would see a reduction in the seats in the house from 650 to 600, a loss of 50, in my mind not enough, we could do with at least another 200 ministers leaving. I for one am sick of these whinging maggots moaning about the salary they get and it’s not representative of the work they do, give me a fucking break, we see you “debating” in the house like a bunch of retards waving paper about like a demented moron and mumbling your distain over the comments made, take a long hard look at yourselves, I’ve seen better behaved toddlers.

Funny enough the moaning is coming from MP’s who are due to lose their seat, such as Vince Cable, Liam Byrne, Byrne commented “pointless” to the shake up, Mr Byrne, pointless is what your job is, you and your parasitic cockroach colleagues have raped this country since the formation of Parliament, it’s time to go.

Man up and take the hit along with the 2.5 million you have already put on the scrapheap, see you all in the Job Centre soon.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

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