Moron MP Moran’s Magistrates Manifestation

Shamed MP for Luton, Margaret Moran has appeared in court accused of illegally claiming £80,000 in parliamentary expenses, not one charge but 15 different charges ranging from fraud to false accounting.

Go Straight To Jail - Thieving Cow

At last these thieving bastards are getting brought to justice, hopefully she will get the full punishment she rightfully deserves, but I fear she will get a lighter sentence just as her cohorts Lords Hanningfield and Taylor, got let out of jail early. It’s all very well starting expensive court cases against these lying, cheating, thieving bastards, but not to follow through with them serving the full sentence or giving them the correct fines is morally wrong and this is what angers the public, much in the same way as the bankers have gotten away with their theft of public money.

As soon as harsh sentences are doled out and terms kept then maybe the scumbag politicians might just think before they steal from the very people that they depend on to put them into office.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality