Fucking Scumbag !

At the weekend in Renfrewshire an ambulance was stolen from a medics house, this ambulance was used to provide much needed medical assistance to sick children all over Scotland. Some scumbag broke into the medics house and stole the keys to the ambulance, it was found today in Paisley totally wrecked and burned out, a man is appearing in Paisley Sheriff Court tomorrow, let’s hope, if he is the guilty one, he gets the full sentence and when in jail a couple of big burly fuckers get a hold of him and kick the shit out of him on a daily basis until his release. I also hope that if this cunt has children that if they require medical help they wait until the end of the queue, then they can kick the shit out of their father for the pain he will have put them through.

Just had to get this off my chest, there are some things off limits when crimes are being committed and the medical services are one of them in my mind.

‘Till the next time…..

Another Fat Cat Freed Early

Shamed MP Elliot Morley has been freed 4 months into his 16 month sentence for expense fraud. What the fuck is going on here ? obviously we need the prison space for the recent rioters, so how do we do that ? let the rich fuckers out first, get a fucking grip judges, let these cunts rot in their own feces, god knows they deserve it.

In total, Morley claimed £16,800 on a bogus mortgage and £15,200 after inflating the amount he was previously paying, which he should have been entitled to only £1,572. On sentencing Mr Justice Saunders said he was guilty of “blatant dishonesty” and had “thrown away his good name and character”. Fuck off Judge, good name and character, your having a laugh, the fat, greedy, lying, cheating, thieving bastard is a politician, he never had a good name to begin with.

Morley - Another Fat, Cheating Cunt Goes Free

To release this cunt early is a travesty, the politicians that have been imprisoned over their theft of public money by fraudulent means should spend the full term in prison, after all these deceitful bastards would happily dole out larger sentences on the normal man in the street, again it shows the “One law for them” attitude is still rife. hopefully this fucker will never work again and be treated like the criminal he is, remember if you see this cheating fraudster in your area, remember to let him, and others in the vicinity,  know what a fucking rotter he actually is.

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Obama Announces US Deficit Cut Plans

President Obama yesterday announced plans to reduce America’s debt, this involves a controversial tax rise for the rich and wealthy and cutting Medicare health plans. President Obama said:

Obama Ponders, how to start the Class War

“the wealthy and corporations should pay their “fair share” to cut the deficit” he went on to add “Middle-class families shouldn’t pay higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires,” he said. “It’s hard to argue against that”

He finished of by saying “It’s not class warfare, it’s math.”

As much as I agree with what Obama is trying to do, I do disagree with his last statement, It’s not math, THIS IS CLASS WAR, it always has been and until capitalism dies, it always will be. Until we rid ourselves of the shackles of a grossly unfair monitory system we will always have differences in class structure, the “haves” will always taunt the “have Nots” and use them to fulfill their needs, without actually paying them what their worth, for the sole reason of “keeping them in their place”

Coming To A Street Near You !

Bit by Bit the working class will start to fight back, well, look at the recent riots in England, the rumblings are there and they will only get bigger, as will the Class War movement, we are sick to fucking death of the privileged classes shiting all over us, we used to disrupt the Henley Regatta’s in the 80’s, let me tell you it’s funny as fuck watching the uber posh running scared as we ran through their party, we likened it to their fox hunting, this was our version, only difference was we didn’t skin any fucker we caught. The rich put up with the working class so long as they can control them in an environment such as their kitchen, or cleaning for them, but god forbid we have any thoughts of our own and try and act on them, and boy do they get miffed when we gather in areas where they wish to congregate. We must devistate the avenues where the wealthy live.

This is Class War, we will take the power from you by any means necessary, it might take a while but we will win. Obama you’re heritage is being part of an oppressed race, the African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, and all other minority races in America are looking to you to change the status quo while you are in power, and, I do think that you are making a small step towards change, the Republicans don’t like your proposals and vow to stop any proposal you put forward, but I support what you are trying to do, any money taken from the wealthy cannot be bad.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

The Grumpy Guide to….. Grumpy Guides

Last night I tuned into the Grumpy Guide To The Eighties, now I like the Grumpy Guide series on telly, well, a grumpy old fucker like myself likes to join in, but the reason I’ve decided to write about this is my very own grump about these programs. In case your not familiar with the format of the program, a subject is taken, in this case the 80’s, and a bunch of celebrities are asked to recollect their memories of what happened and if possible relate to their involvement in them, with a grumpy negative attitude of course. So in this program the usual culprits are displayed on screen and the first subject spoken about, which in this case was the game show 3, 2, 1, with Ted Rodgers, then they got on the the terrible music, fashion, politics, mobile phones, computer games and finally the “mullet” hairstyle.

Celebrities asked to participate were, Matt Le Tissier, Neil Morrissey, Roni Ancona, Al Murray, Terry Christian, Ed Byrne, Shappi Khorsandi Huey Morgan and Russell Kane………. yeah, the comedian Russell Kane, asked to comment on the subject of why the 80’s was shit and how it affected his life, let me tell you readers, Russell kane was born in August 1980!

Russell Kane - Acceptible In The 80's ?

Now I do quite like the comedic talents of the aforementioned Mr Kane but to hear him recollect his memories of the 80’s was, well, how do I put it…….. infuriating to say the least. let’s just put this in perspective, the first two years of Mr Kane’s life in the 80’s were spent gurgling inane noises, sucking on his mothers tit and soiling himself, then a couple of years toddling about, learning to walk, talk and stuffing marbles and Lego up his nose, then he would start school, now this would take him up to 1985 or so. In the years leading up to this what have we been through in this time line, well, Thatcher has started closing Coal Mines, Steel Works and creating Yuppies and mass unemployment, we were marching on a regular basis for such causes as CND, Right To Work, and many others, while Mr Kane sits around shitting his nappy with not a care. So not much for him to remember for the first five years.

1986 onwards would see the young Mr Kane strap on his satchel and begin primary school, now some memories would be able to recounted, if the show required memories on Little Billy pulling the pigtails on Little Jenny and how his action man doll got flushed down the toilet. The only thing I think Mr kane could comment with any authority would be the music of the time, we all have musical memories that hark back to our younger days, how the fuck can he comment on Thatcher, Miners Strikes, Anti Poll Tax riots, using a mobile phone, being unemployed, the Falklands war, going to Camden Palace with the rest of the New Romantics, he can’t, he can only go on what he’s read or been told by others, therefore why is he on this show, you would be as well getting me to comment on “The Grumpy Guide To The 60’s”, I could tell all the viewers about how great it was going to Brighton on my scooter, and buying the latest records by The Beatles or the Who, where I was was when Kennedy was shot, the list goes on, but the truth is yes I know these things happened, I was alive at the time but I was a fucking infant, if I’m truthful, really all I can remember was sitting in puddles licking worms, and I’m sure the great british public have no interest in that.

Mr Kane, when asked to participate in these shows please think before accepting, I understand you want to get your face on the screen, and possibly need the apperance money, but at the cost of making an arse of yourself ? I don’t think it’s worth it.

‘Till the next time…….

Stay Grumpy !