Pickles Talks Rubbish

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles today announced that he would invest £250 Million to councils in order to reinstate the “weekly” rubbish collections. Pickles and his Tory cronies believe that throwing this absobitant amount of money at a useless scheme is a winning strategy, and Pickles stated “it’s a basic right to have weekly collections” what a load of bollocks.

The reasons the staggered collections were started was to make a conscious effort to encourage recycling, if this were to be reversed then we would be reverting back to a refuse collection that would add to the rubbish being dumped on landfill sites. Although in his interview with the BBC this morning, Mr Pickles did refers to the refuse collections as “refuge” collections, he obviously does not know the difference between something being thrown away and a place to hide, I suggest that he find “refuge” should he put his plan into action. again this is parliament squandering the public’s money revamping policies put in place by a previous administration, we could use this money for better uses. This type of action is no more than blatant childish behaviour using our money to fuel their inane actions.

The current fortnightly collections do work, yes, it did take a while to get used to the change but it does allow recycling to progress, more people do recycle due to the fortnightly collections, and to revert back would be a backward step.

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