Steve Jobs – RIP

I have awoken this morning to the news that Apple Computer Guru Steve Jobs has died, with news like that how could I not publish a short blog on this.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak, together changed the computing world with their Apple company, while Bill Gates and Microsoft concentrated on software alone, Jobs and Woz, wanted to give the whole package, the computer and the software in one convenient package. Steve Jobs was unique in the technology world as he had the ability to capture an audience, every Apple product launch that he was involved with became a huge event, he had a charisma and his presentations made you want an Apple product whether you needed it or not, they have become synonymous with the task they are produced to do, for example, do we call MP3 players that these days? No we generally refer to them as iPods, Think of the other products he is responsible for bringing to the world, iPhone iMac, iPod, MacBook and, what this blog is being written on…… The iPad.

The technology world has lost a giant, a visionary, a believer, I don’t think we will see another character like Steve again, and it is with a sadness that I write this but could not let the passing of Steve go without a few words.

Steve Jobs – Rest In Peace


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