Foxy Dealings Within The MoD

I had started writing about the Liam Fox debacle a few days ago but never finished it, the resignation of Dr Fox reminded me of the unfinished article so here goes……. Sleazy dealings look like making a come back within the Tory party, Defence Secretary Liam Fox had secret meetings with his former flat mate and best man Adam Werritty in Dubai. Werritty has visions of grandeur by claiming on his business card that he is an advisor to Dr Fox, this could not be further from the truth, he has never been vetted by the MoD. Dr Fox has broken the Code of Ministerial Meetings by seeing Werritty in Dubai, alone without any other parliamentary advisors.

Foxy Fucker

Fox Fucks Up

With Dr Fox being the minister for defence opens up a whole load of issues, the top one being national security, when a person of this stature meets individuals who have vested interests in companies who would like to supply the country with security products and services, in secret, leads us all to believe shady dealings are afoot, and this is no different.

Fox has now resigned and an enquiry is being set up to investigate the actual goings on and how it could have affected national security, as always Fox has appeared in Parliament apologising about his conduct and the usual sincere face on, but you can see into his sleazy beady eyes that this weasel does not mean one word of it, like all politicians that get caught out they think a simple apology will appease the masses, well fuck you Fox, you got caught, you will more than likely tell lies to cover your slimy arse and your mate as well, your other slimy politician friends will get you a new position somewhere and you will continue where you left off, pulling the wool over the public’s eyes in order to line your pockets, I for one will never trust ¬†politician and these continuous acts of deceit perpetuate my hatred for all governors of power.

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

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