X-Factor Unleash A New Nightmare

So the end of the current season of X-Factor, and what does that mean for the rest of us, well, same as before a new bunch of talentless morons ready to be manipulated into whatever their manager wants them to be, to be plastered over the tabloid press and glossy celeb mags over the next few months and the release of another dreary, over produced piece of pop tat.

Is it just me or do we really need another “girl group”? short answer to that is do we hell,  just because their granny thinks they have a good voice that they have a god given right to inflict the rest of the planet with it, I personally would rather puncture both my eardrums than listen to them warble week in week out.

This show has become more ridiculous as the seasons pass, with the hideous themed weeks, they had the audacity to have a “Rock” week where the acts had to do a cover of a rock song, and what did the mentors do, turn the songs into ballads so the inadequates could cope with the lack of vocal range they possess.

When will this hideous sham of a show end, we have had our fill of jumped up Karaoke singers with little or no personality let alone any talent, they will be worked from the rear like a sooty puppet, rolled out at any minor celebrity gathering to smile and spout platitudes like their talentless predecessors before them. There are plenty talented musicians out there plying their craft week in week out in some hovel of a pub for years on end, and these folk are quite happy to do that, why, because the genuinely do it for the love of the music they produce and would not debase themselves by appearing on one of these “talent” shows, ha, talent, who are they trying to kid.

’till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality, and earplugs for all.

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