Diamond Geezer ?

As the Barclay’s bank interest rate rigging scandal enters another day, let’s have a look at the Chief Executive Bob Diamond, when he was questioned by the Parliamentary board yesterday he said he “was sorry”, what was that Bob, you’re sorry?, fucking sorry!. Sorry is a word that should be used when, you bang into someone by accident, when you forget you’re wife’s birthday/anniversary, when you hear of a death or when you don’t hear someone properly, not, and I repeat NOT when your responsible for cheating your customers and the country out of trillions, yes trillions of pounds, this requires more than a simple sorry.


Bob Diamond – One Sorry Fucker


Whether Bob is directly responsible or not is circumstantial, he was in charge of operations, the buck stops at him, he tells us that it was a few rogue trader that were responsible, well let’s get these fuckers names out there, oh, and pictures, we need to know who to give a kicking to when we see them in the street, Bob you need to show and tell my friend.

Now on the Parliamentary enquiry, David Cameron wants it to be a Government investigation leading to new legislation being put in place, and Ed Milliband wants a judges enquiry, while they argue, nothing is being resolved, if Cameron gets his way the legislation would come into effect next year, NEXT YEAR! way to get a fast resolution Dave, this gives these cheating fuckers a whole twelve months to lie and cheat their way out of the situation, although I don’t agree with Milliband, i do think that everyone involved should go through a criminal proceeding, we need these cunts to get some serious jail time, and not the Jeffrey Archer pussy prison kind, put them in Pentonville or somewhere similar that they will feel the wrath of the prison service.

This recent banking disaster further adds to the distrust of the whole banking system and the people that are responsible for running it, take heed Cameron and Co. we won’t take this shit for much longer, you’ve seen the riots of last year, every year you feel the wrath of the G20/Anti-Capitalist protests and their numbers are rising, one day will come when you can’t ignore it.

The banks are responsible for the economic crisis we have been subjected to, we are told that we all have to tighten our belts, we accept job losses daily, and we continually see the bankers get large bonuses and no redundancies, where’s the justice in that? Get a grip Cameron, control your rich cronies or pay the consequences, we will take to the streets and claim what’s rightfully ours.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace Freedom, Equality