I Predict A Riot !!

David Cameron and his cronies are trying to reignite that old Thatcherite hot potato “The Poll Tax” although the cheeky monkeys are calling it a Council Tax Benefit reform, mixing it in with the Universal Credit but the outcome is more or less the same, an unjust tax benefiting the rich and demoralising the poor, this could also escalate into more job losses as the public sector has to find more and more money in order to meet the demands of the vulnerable and low paid who require assistance to pay their bills. Just as that cunt Thatcher did in the eighties Cameron and his Con-Dem lackeys are striving to follow in her footsteps to slash the state and privatise the public realm, did they not learn by their mistakes, the poll tax was her demise, remember it was only months after the riots that the wicked witch of the west resigned, so remember David, implement this tax and we will protest again, we will burn down more buildings, we will bring chaos to the streets, we will cause civil disorder, we will take vengeance on ANY of your sheriff officers who try and repossess our goods and more importantly we will win again.

Here’s the background on the proposed new tax, on average, households pay ¬£1,000 a year in council tax. Until now, households on low incomes were exempt or paid only according to their means, so 5.9m households received council tax benefit. From next April, the benefit is cut by 10%, which is bad enough, but, then insanity takes over. Each local authority will be given the sum that was handed out in benefit in their area (less 10%) to disperse as they please. They must keep paying the full benefit to pensioners and “the vulnerable”. Each council must choose who is “vulnerable”, as the government refuses to provide its own definition. Half of the recipients are pensioners, so protecting them means all other low-income households bear the whole cut, averaging 20%. People who live in areas with a lot of pensioners or a lot of the “vulnerable” will suffer the biggest cuts, as much as 30% or more.¬†Benefit expert Lady Hollis points out that if a factory closes and suddenly a lot more people claim council tax benefit, everyone else claiming council tax benefit in the district will have their benefit cut to accommodate the new claimants. It is, in effect, a lottery. Since the majority of the non-pensioner poor are in work, this hits the working poor hardest, adding to disincentives to work, when every extra pound they earn can see 95p in benefit lost. Sounds like a great plan David, where do we sign up, you fucking moron.

So break out the banners, print those leaflets, “Can Pay, Won’t Pay” and my favourite at the time, the succinct “Fuck The Poll Tax”, see you all on the frontline.


‘Till the next time……….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality