The Wright Stuff Supports Thatcher

My wife recorded today’s episode of Channel 4’s The Wright Stuff, the reason, they were discussing the party pack’s being sold at the recent TUC conference, party packs to help celebrate Thatcher’s death, and they are titled, “Ding Dong, Thatchers Gone” and each pack includes balloons, party poppers, indoor fireworks, whistles and invites to hand out to your friends, all in all everything you need to get the party started. The guests involved in the show were Terry Christian, Sally Bercow and Coleen Nolan, Wright began with a sycophantic diatribe in support of Thatcher describing her as a frail 86 year old woman with senile dementia and did not warrant this type of abuse, she should be treated with respect. What a load of bollocks, did this evil bitch show compassion for all the pensioners she allowed to freeze to death during her reign in power ?, did she fuck, did she show compassion for all the steel workers, dockers and miners she put out of work ? did she fuck, did she show compassion for the working class communities she destroyed ? did she fuck, did she show compassion for the 96 football fans killed at Hillsborough stadium and the police who lied in their reports to cover up their mistakes ? did she fuck. Remember people this is the same woman who called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, the same woman who supported a modern day fascist in General Pinochet, a murdering, torturing oppressor, and let’s not forget she created the Yuppie, scum of the earth money grabbing fuckers that are to blame for the financial situation today. And we should show her some compassion and sympathy due to her age and medical condition, yeah, fucking right Matthew, the quicker this odious evil witch dies the better, of course this won’t right all the wrongs she’s committed, but it sure will make me feel better that she’s pushing up the daisies.
The only comments I could agree with on the show was the party pack was indeed infantile, but, each to their own. I feel the reason that Wright was keen to stick up for Thatcher was, as he says, “I’m very good friends with one of her children, he didn’t say who but I reckon it would be the daughter as she is in the journalism game, I doubt it would be Mark, remember him, the dopey fucker that got lost in the desert while playing racing driver, no one would admit to being friends with him, dopey cunt.
It makes my blood boil when I hear any type of support for this evil bitch, and I for one will be celebrating her demise, as my old friends at Class War say “Trafalgar Square, We’ll Be There, first Saturday After Thatcher’s Death” and I will make a pilgrimage to her grave and I will be sure to gulp down a 2 litre bottle of juice just so I’ve plenty piss to evacuate from my bladder on to her rotting carcass.
Come on Maggie do the right thing stop fucking breathing.

‘Till the next time……….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality