Barrack’s Back

So Barrack Obama has won a Second term as President of the good ‘ol US of A.

Go Americans, good choice, let’s all vote for the guy who has not fulfilled any of his first promises stated in his manifesto, remember them, getting all the troops out of the middle east, reducing the deficit and reducing unemployment. The troops are still in Afghanistan and Iraq, the countries deficit has also risen by six trillion dollars to sixteen trillion dollars and there are more unemployed than when he took power. Now don’t get the wrong idea here I’m no Romney sympathiser, quite the opposite, who in the hell can take someone seriously when their name is Mitt.

I did hope that Obama would be a good president when he was elected first time, at last a man who looks as if he’ll look after the minority, a man that seems as if he has integrity, and more important a man that is black, someone to shut up all the racist fuckwits that walk the earth, I did so want him to do well for this to happen, but alas like all politicians we find out he is a liar, he is incapable of living up to his empty promises and is just another politician out to get what he can for himself.

Remember George Dubya America, you also voted that first class moron into power not once but twice, just to make sure you fucked your country good and proper, there is a famous phrase that goes something like this:

“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it”

Sound familiar?

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

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