Bankers Bail Out – Cheated Again

It’s been reported today that the bail out of 66billion given to Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank might never be recovered, 66billion pissed in the air, for me this leaves a number of questions, why were the banks bailed out in the first place, surely the Government have enough financial advisors that could have foreseen this outcome and if so, why did they go ahead. Secondly who exactly became rich from the bailout ? the politicians ? the bankers ? I know this much for a fact, some fucker has pocketed all our hard earned tax money, we have been fucked good and proper and were never even taken out for dinner.

Also why has no one been prosecuted for this gross negligence over the dodgy dealings by the banks? why are the prisons not overflowing rich banking executives, well, the reason for this is one of the words in the last sentence, rich, the wealthier you are the more palms you can grease, and this is what’s happened here, rich fat cats paying off our legal system to avoid prosecution, the same old story, a legal system set up to protect the innocent and punish the guilty has been bought out by powerful, wealthy, greedy fuckers who disregard the welfare of others over their need for money.

A treasury spokesperson said “The low level of competition does not give us the confidence that the tax payer will make a profit on the sale of RBS or Lloyds”, so why are the American tax payers getting some of their monies returned to them from the banks, well the simple reason that the American Government did a bit more homework before parting with their cash, the US Government bought bank bonds and extended the types of loans t the banks putting time limits of repayments on the loans. The UK Government opted to become ordinary shareholders in the banks meaning that it will take longer to get the loan back, some fuckers incompetence is costing us money and giving the banks controllers longer to claim their huge salaries in the process.

The banks are not without blame in this either, they have failed to meet their repayments falling short of millions upon millions of pounds, yet they scream about bonuses and still get large salaries, in my mind you only get a bonus if you produce results, to produce a loss is definitely not worthy of a bonus, in fact these cunts should lose their job, in my opinion.

Still feeling angry, hell yeah, still feel cheated, of course, but until we vent our anger to the politicians and the banks and stop them wiping their arse with our money they will never stop.

Johnny Rotten said at the last ever Sex Pistols gig at the Winterland Ballroom in San Fransico “Ah ha ha…. Ever had the feeling you’ve been cheated” fucking right John, too fucking right.


‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

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