Abu Qatada – Fuck Off !!

Religious zealot and hate monger Abu Qatada has been freed on bail, this vile person has once again slipped through the legal system and avoided deportation to Jordan where he should be standing trial for terrorism, but that hasn’t happened again due to some human rights pish, the courts ruled in his favour by ruling that he would not receive a fair trial in Jordan as the evidence used might have be through coercion by torture, fair enough, but only had he not delivered hateful and inciting material against anyone who is not of the Muslim faith, where is the protection for the innocent when one of these mindless muslim robots straps on a few pounds of explosives and detonate in heavily populated areas killing hundreds, hundreds of people who don’t really care about religion.

We are getting reports that he can’t be deported due to his human rights being violated, and we should be careful and conduct ourselves in the correct manner to ensure we don’t break any political correctness, I’ve never heard so much fucking shite in all my life, for one, anyone, ANYONE who instructs others to murder the innocent, in my mind have given up the right to any protection, and while i’m on the subject, political correctness, don’t make me fucking laugh, the name alone tells you that is a load of bollocks, politicians are never correct and are the biggest liars, cheats and thieves on the planet, so that being said, back to the original subject, getting rid of this rag-headed Mohammed loving fucking camel jockey, Qatada.


Fuck Off You Vile Cunt.

This cunt is going to be living in this country tax free on benefits with a complete security detail, the cost to us the tax payer, well it will cost us in excess of £1,900 in rent, and this will rise as he has to be rehoused to avoid him being confronted by protestors, he and his family receive over £1,000 per month in state benefits, add the £100,000 per week for the security provided to protect this scumbag which covers officers from Scotland Yard, MI5 and a private security firm, this combined with the £3,000,000 legal aid bill he has already racked up, fuck sake we could have hired a hitman to cure this problem for a few hundred thousand pounds, Christ, I’ll bet there’s someone affected by 9/11 who would be delighted to do it for free. We are in the grasp of a recession where most of the country have no money and we’re throwing money at this fucking cunt left right and centre, it’s time he and his spiteful people are removed from not only this country but the planet.

I’ll also put something straight here as well, it’s not an anti muslim thing here either, the thought of anyone wanting to kill in the name of ANY religion sickens me, it is one of the main causes of war and death in the history of mankind. All this over an imaginary being who lives in the sky and promotes their word through shitty little stories, anyone who believes this shit should be locked up, there’s more to be believed in the stories of Tolkien or J.K Rowling than in the religious writings of whatever faith it’s attached to.

Fuck Mohammed, Fuck Bhudda, Fuck Jesus, Fuck all religions, they promote hate and intolerance in everyone who follows the word of their respective “Gods” and as soon as we all realise this we might, just might be able to move on into the 21st Century and live the lives we should be.

‘Till the next time…..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

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