Ballboy Takes One For The Team

At last night’s Swansea v Chelsea game the ball went out of play, the ball boy decided to waste a bit of time for his team, who were holding on to a draw that would take them through, Eden Hazard had a different thought and sought to retrieve the ball, ball boy shields the ball and Hazard gets into a scuffle with the lad and has a wee cheeky kick out at him making a little contact, the lad then proceeds to writhe around as if he had been given a proper kicking, this is to be expected though if you look at the type of football he’s been brought up with, players who go down at the drop of a hat, players who throw themselves towards terra firma as if they have been shot by a lone gunman, players that believe diving is now part of the game, you reading this Luis Suarez!! It seems to me that the higher the league you play in the softer the player gets, I watch and support the mighty Clyde FC recently stalwarts of the Scottish 3rd division, and let me tell you dear readers if some of these premier league nancy boys got in the way of a few of those tackles they would certainly have something to moan about, these boys tend not to hold back, let me just say that these are not overly dirty tackles, mostly fair but hard none the less. Football these days has become less and less of the contact sport that it used to be, it’s taken a turn for the worst in my opinion, players these days are too quick to go down, too quick to feign injury, it’s time these cheats are taken out of the game. And speaking of cheats, this brings us back to the ball boy, apparently he had tweeted earlier in the day that he was king of the time wasters and intended to do this at the game, his job is a ball boy, get the ball and return it to a player, plain and simple, although Eden Hazard should have thought before he acted and was a bit rash in his actions I believe the ball boy has to accept the majority of the blame in this incident and the way he acted after the “kick” was disgraceful to say the least and has brought shame to Swansea FC on a night they should have been celebrating their success in reaching a major cup final…. Shame on you Charlie Morgan.

Till the next time……
Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

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