Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Breaking News…….

At last the most evil woman to roam the streets of Britain since Myra Hindley has died, I of course am talking about Margaret Thatcher. She has done the only descent thing in her life dying.

Lest we forget all the evil she brought to this country, the death of the coal and steel industry, the death of the trade unions, the death of over a thousand young troops in the Falkland war, the death of the working class, the deaths of the 96 Liverpool supporters at Hillsborough and the subsequent cover up, and the creation of the Yuppie, the poll tax, the list goes on.

Why do I hate this woman so much, if the above list is not enough, let’s just cast our minds back to the late 70’s when she came into power, we, as teenagers just leaving school were looking at a bleak future Even under a Labour government but this bitch took over and turned our lives upside down, privatisation of British gas and British telecom should have set off the warning signs that if you were poor you would stay fucking poor.

She closed the coal mining and steel works up and down the country, destroying communities along the way, after killing these industries she then set about the destruction of the docking industry in Liverpool.

She brought back an old tax, the poll tax, an unjust unfair taxation of the poor, but thankfully we managed to fuck that up for her by the now infamous poll tax riots in London, and this subsequently brought her reign of terror to a close as she resigned soon after.

Unfortunately the provisional IRA could not put us out of our misery by botching the bombing of the Brighton hotel she was staying in for the Tory conference in 1984.

But she has now gone and as far as I’m concerned, forgotten, may she rot in a rat infested hell just like the country she allowed us to live in.

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality….. And ding dong the witch is dead!