Piers Morgan – Hope You’re Next

Piers Morgan has posted on his Twitter “To all those spewing bile and vitriol at Margaret Thatcher today – she’s dead, what more do you want? Show some respect”, in reply slimebag, we want retribution, we want payback, we want to celebrate the passing of a quite despicable human being.

Piers Morgan

Hope we see you in the ground soon too Piers, you cunt.

Did she show respect when she decimated the mining and steel working communities? Did she fuck, did she show remorse for the thousand or more soldiers she sent to their deaths in the Falklands, just to secure a second term in office? Did she fuck, did she show remorse for all the families she left destitute due to her invention of the Yuppie? Did she fuck, did she show remorse for any of the shit she did to this country while and in power or the legacy left by her and her party’s actions? again, did she fuck, this odious, evil capitalist shitbag felt no remorse over any of her actions, oh wait, she did feel remorse once, over the Poll Tax, although not for the actual tax itself or the hurt and financial shortfalls it brought to the people, but the fact that it brought her eventual downfall, selfish fucker.

For you to call for an amnesty on the, as you put it, “Vile and Vitriol” shown towards her is no surprise, you are part of the Yuppie scum that was responsible for her continuance in power, for you and the rag you worked for loved every minute of it, you and your likes got richer and found the journalistic freedom to write whatever you wanted and get away with it, the hacking scandal and the way the Sun and News Of The World handled the Hillsborough tragedy, the list goes on, did you and your rag show respect to the people you fucked over, did you fuck.

So Piers, you scum sucking waste of skin and oxygen thief, don’t you dare try and take this away from us, we have waited a long time for this moment and we WILL enjoy every bit of it, and I hope the Anti-Thatcher parties become an annual event on the anniversary of her death, you and your capitalist Tory loving cronies might want to draw a line under this sordid event but we will NEVER forget what she did and hopefully we will be allowed to show this for years to come.

Hopefully you will follow suit and shuffle off this mortal coil as well, come on do us all a favour, you won’t be missed.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

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