Tony Blair – Class Traitor

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has condemned the celebrations held in Bristol, Glasgow, and London on Monday after the announcement of Thatcher’s death, he called them “Pretty poor taste” and we should “show some respect”

Fuck you Tony, this is rich coming from a man that has allowed the Labour Party to become the “New Tories”, the very party started in order to give the working class man and woman a voice, Founder and first leader Kier Hardie would be spinning in his grave if he saw what you and your cronies have turned the party into, it’s a sham, you care nothing for the working class that continue to support Labour, and the Trade Unions, why they continue to support is beyond me, they are as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle these days, again another legacy of Thatcher’s reign, she killed the Unions and rather than build them back up, the Labour party has continued to allow them to fall into the shambles they are today, no power, no voice.

Like Thatcher you have led this country into an illegal war and are in my opinion you are no better than Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, all the people killed in the Middle East war in Iraq and Afghanistan are no worse than his holocaust, difference is he made no bones about what he was doing, you on the other hand tried to hide the reasons for going to war.

Your lax manner that you dealt with the Banking profession again further kicked the balls of the working class, making the divide between the classes greater, and correct me if I’m wrong but did you not say in your manifesto before coming into power that you and your party wanted to break down the class barriers, good job, we have now went from the traditional three; Upper, Middle and Working class to SEVEN! Way to go Tony, your plan worked you fucking moron.

You have done as much to harm this country as Thatcher did, and for the working class to hate her as much as they did seems as if the writings on the wall for you when you go as well, for you represented the party that was supposed to have supported the working man, fuck me, we could get you prosecuted for fraudulent misrepresentation, as well as war crimes, you fucking cunt.

Don’t you dare try and criticise our actions, we went through the pain and suffering of her policies, we are living with the legacy of her policies, and to make it worse we are also living with yours as well, so Tony, curl up in your nice Country pile and close all the curtains, get out some of Maggie’s old speeches and wank yourself into oblivion and pretend all us “real” people don’t exist and all’s well in the world, because mate your time will come and when it does I’ll break open another bottle champagne and piss all over your final resting place as well, TRAITOR!

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

One thought on “Tony Blair – Class Traitor

  1. Got worse today. now Blairs advising Milliband to not re-open the class war!
    Blairs obviously joined the rich elite now! Creepy & unprincipled. A politician with a clear price-tag.

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