Joey Ramone – RIP

It’s been twelve years since the passing of Joey Ramone, one of the founding “Brudders” of the punk band The Ramones.

My thoughts are with you today as always, the pleasure you and your music brought me as I was growing up was immense, your music was simplistic but also thought provoking, funny but serious in some ways, the music was just what I was looking for at that time, irreverent, fast and fun.

You never took yourself too seriously and that too was a breath of fresh air at the time of the stadium rock bands at the time such as YES, ELP, The Who and the Rolling Stones to name a few, many have tried to emulate your style but never quite made the grade.

Rest In Peace Joey

Rest In Peace Joey

Rest In Peace Joey, still sadly missed.

‘Till the next time…..

Gabba Gabba Hey!


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