ACAP? – All Coppers Are Precious

Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans yesterday that a change in legislation will be proposed to give Judges the power to dole out life sentences to anyone that kills a police officer, her reasons for the Governments proposals, “To kill a police officer was to attack the fundamental basis of our society” Mrs May was quoted.

A very admirable statement but, why are police officers elevated to a higher status than the rest of the public, is a police officers life more important than a teacher, social worker, a nurse or a doctor?, Lest we forget us mere mortal voters, the life blood of a politicians career, why are we not given this protection? Why don’t our families have the piece of mind that if a member of our family was killed the murderer would spend the remainder of their life behind bars?

Protect These Defenceless Public Servants

Protect These Defenceless Public Servants

Are we not a society based on “Thou shalt not kill” and this should cover ALL members of the society not just the law keepers, I’m not apologetic in any way in saying that PC Plod is no more important than my wife or any of my children and, perish the thought, should someone murder any of my family, I would expect the sentence to be the same as if any police officer was killed, no one is more important than another, “All animals are equal, some more than others” as Mr Orwell wrote, well it would seem so. I do respect that the police will come up against violent perpetuators on a daily basis but, and this also goes for anyone who enrols as part of the armed services, this is the job you signed up to do, you take the risks as you do the spoils. It is a given right that everyone in society should be kept safe, it is also a moral factor that we should look out for each other too.

In this day and age it would seem that the more affluent of our society do “get away with it” and to devolve more protection to certain sections of our society seems unfair, just look at the pitiful sentences given out to politicians with regards to their expenses fraud, Chris Huhne released after just 62 days of an 8 month sentence, left to scurry back to his £1.2 million mansion and carry on from where he left, and don’t get me started on the fucking bankers who have eluded prosecution altogether for the banking scandal, I know these are lesser crimes than murder but the accused received less than fair sentences than any of the ‘normal’ people, and in my opinion this must stop.


If the Police get special dispensation for attacks against them then, who watches over them and when will the next Ian Tomlinson type incident happen, Simon Harwood, the constable charged with manslaughter over the death was, surprise surprise, freed, despite video footage of the officer striking Mr Tomlinson on the leg and then pushed to the ground for no apparent reason, verdict, natural causes due to heart attack, yes but brought on by a violent act by the police, the prosecution rests your honour……

“Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

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