Racism Rears It’s Ugly Head….. Again

This week a study into racial prejudice was released and the figures are quite frankly shocking, figures of people openly admitting to being racially prejudiced showed that one third of British citizens admitted to being prejudiced, this to me is abhorrent. One of the more shocking statistics showed that it was not just down to the usual moronic working class skinhead but educated middle class professionals now showed a racist attitude, these people should know better. Another thing that has shocked me is a UKIP candidate was elected in my own country (Scotland), I expected more from my fellow countrymen, to elect one of this party’s candidates is a travesty, this party does not only show racist tendencies but also sexist views, why anyone with half a brain would vote for them is beyond me.

Back to the rise in racism in Britain, what really makes me laugh is, the BNP, UKIP, Britain First and the likes all base their policies on getting immigration down, stop Johnny Foreigner stealing our jobs, that’s a fucking laugh in itself due to the fact that most of these idiots screaming for deportation of the immigrants are unemployed in the first place, but I digress, our so called “patriotic” parties march and campaign under the union flag and allegiance to the Queen, do these mindless fuckers not realize that our Queen (Gawd Bless you Ma’am) is fucking German, and her hubby, the hapless Duke of Edinburgh is Greek, the very people they look up to and would fight for are fucking foreign, being an Anti Royalist I would happily send these leeches back to their respective countries in a minute, I’ll fucking drive them to the airport myself.


UKIP leader Farage himself has a German wife for fuck sake, surely she’s an immigrant stealing a British job, and yet the UKIP supporters turn a blind eye to the outright hypocracy that contaminates the political system, and not just the fascist parties. If most of the racists that are members of these parties and follow the hype traced their family tree’s I’m pretty sure they would find they are not the blond haired, blue eyed Aryans they would like to believe they are, even the religion they follow is not English they pray to a Jewish deity for Christ sake (no pun intended), they more than likely drive a foreign car, wear clothes produced in the far east, eat curries, both Chinese and Indian, and yet they they are so blinded by hatred that they can’t see the irony in their fight for racial purity.

This is one planet, we are all human beings, if we helped one another to make the place a better place to live in instead of hating each other because we have a different colour skin or pray to a different god then we would advance as a race, instead we allow these fucking halfwits to influence us to have a view that should be completley alien to us, as children we know no colour difference, we know no religious difference, children only see others as people, why do we allow this innocence to be lost? It’s up to us all to spread the message of Anti Fascism, just as we did in the 70’s with the Anti Nazi movement, let’s eradicate racism to the realms of history, and allow the human race to prosper the way it should do.


‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality


Woolwich Murder Madness

Last Wednesday afternoon a Soldier was brutally attacked and killed in broad daylight and just before the tea time rush, two men were responsible for the attack and one of the men, his hands covered in blood, holding a blood stained machete confronted a bystander who was filming the event, and surprise surprise he starts preaching Islamic rhetoric about how the West should remove the troops from Islamic countries and that our Governments do not care about us, he went on to say:

“We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you.

We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

He went on to say: “I apologise that women had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same.”

The strange thing about the last statement is the part “In our land our women have to see the same” the man spoke in a broad London accent no trace of him being from foreign climes, and according to reports he was an Islamic convert during his student years, so it begs the question, what land is he talking about? It would seem that he has never left the UK, so again some more religious bollocks being spouted by some moron who cannot think for themselves, this is the problem with religious zealots they can quote religious mantras until the cows (sacred or otherwise) come home but are incapable of forming coherent rational thoughts of their own accord, they depend on whatever leader they have to fill their heads with any reasoning that can justify their actions. I have said it before and I will say it again, Religion has no part in a 21st Century world, it was created to keep people in fear and by using imaginary deities to control the masses, we can prove there is no God through our advances in science so we should therefore eradicate religion in the same way we eradicated the Plague.

It is a frightening enough situation to think that these evil minded blinkered religious nut cases are roaming our streets but what it also does is give fuel to the fire of patriotic jingoism from the likes of Nigel Farage, of the UK Independent party and Nick Griffen of the BNP, these racist scum will live off of this event for months to further their promotion of their immigration policy that they wish to implement. This country prides itself with being diverse and free, things that we must fight to hold on to, we must look beyond this horrendous attack by these animals as not all muslims think this way, to blindly attack anyone within the muslim community solves nothing, just as countless wars, religious or otherwise, have in the past.

Have we learned nothing from our evolution over the past million years or so, violence solves nothing, it breeds violence and contempt, wars can never be won, as the famous slogan from Crass says, just look at the recent events in the Middle East no sooner were the troops out of Iraq and then Afghanistan pops up, the root cause is religious bigotry and hatred and it’s this fight that must continue, by educating the inhabitants of the planet of ours that we must strive to survive by causing the least suffering as possible.


My thoughts are with the family of the young soldier who died so brutally, no one deserves to shed this mortal coil in that brutal way.

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality