Big Girl Osborne’s Crocodile Tears

On Wednesday at That Bitch Thatcher’s Funeral Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne shed a few tears, well we have a saying up here in Scotland: “Stop greetin’ ya big Jessie”, which translated for anyone outside of Scotland would be “Stop crying you big girl”, reports were varied in whether his tears were real or not, and that it showed that it is OK for a man to cry in public and it’s a sign of a well rounded human being, well to cry at a funeral is perfectly OK if it’s one of your family, and again if your a man only when it is one of your direct family, and even then two or three tears are acceptable then it’s time to suck it up, grow a pair and get on with life. to shed a tear over that fucking evil bitch is NOT acceptable for anyone, case closed.

Man Up You Big Girl's Blouse

Man Up You Big Girl’s Blouse

Now Georgie boy, if anyone should be crying it’s us the great British public, over your laughable attempt at managing the countries finances, it’s like letting the school moron be in charge of the tuck shop, we are sick to death of your austerity measures that are quite simply not working, more people are becoming unemployed, more shops are closing, the high streets are becoming ghost towns, and more people are becoming poorer by the day, yet you allow 10 million quid be pissed up against the wall to cremate Thatcher, and before it’s mentioned by William Hague again about the £79 billion she secured for Britain through the European Parliament, well George it has cost us £1.2 trillion to bail out the banks since the crisis began, a slight discrepancy and I ain’t no accountant, so who the fuck has got rich from our tax pounds used to bail these fuckers out? eh come on George ‘fess up, when can we expect to get it back? and while we are at it, why is it that the only banks to make a profit in the current financial crisis are the ones who DIDN’T receive a bail out? why George, why, is it you are trying to get the shares in the bailed out banks down so low that some of your rich friends can swoop in and buy them up from us at a snip and then start the whole fucking sordid practice all over again, I would bet my fuckin’ mortgage on it. so don’t go squeezing out a few crocodile tears out over the most foul, evil, odious, hateful, greedy, spiteful and selfish fuckin’ humans to ever walk this Earth to seem a bit more normal and try and win us over, we know what you are, a smug rich cunt who doesn’t give a fuck for anyone other than themselves, or to give it the short title A TORY.

So as I said earlier, suck it up, grow a pair and get to fucking work getting our money back from the bastard bankers that have stolen our money, we’re sick and tired of tightening our belts over something we did not create, it was your rich friends let them pay for a change.

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality


Can You Guess What It Is Yet?… That’s Right It’s A Pervert

So Rolf Harris is the latest celebrity to be arrested in conjunction with the Jimmy Saville sex abuse case. What the fuck is happening with all the celebrities I used to watch in the 1970’s, Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson, Gary Glitter, Dave Lee Travis and now Rolf looks like being added to the list.

Why do these celebrities think they can get away with it, well in Saville’s case he did more’s the pity, but questions need to be answered, if not why it was allowed to happen in the first place then why after numerous allegations was it not acted upon, the police now claim that all files relating to Saville’s case have been lost? lost, how the fuck do the police lose a file on a suspected Paedophile especially after the amount of claims that have been made now it’s incomprehensible, or were the people involved in the investigation paid to look the other way, look at the number of Heads of the BBC during Saville’s tenure who must have known, and some have admitted to some knowledge if not all, that these shady goings-on were happening, shame on them for not coming forward. It’s the moral duty for everyone to report child abuse, whether sexual or otherwise, we wonder why we have a “Broken Britain” here’s your answer, adults fucking everything up for the future. A child is an empty vessel waiting to be filled it is the job of the parents, guardians and family of that child to fill them with all the information, guidance and moral fibre to set them on their way at the start of their adult life, not and I repeat NOT as a plaything for them. Shame on anyone who keeps information of child abuse to themselves, this must be acted upon by any methods available, don’t keep quiet, for the kids sake say something.

It’s a saddening reflection on our society today when we constantly read in the papers or Internet and watch reports on TV on the constant flow of Child sex cases being brought to light, it makes me both sad and angry that nothing seems to be done about it to stop it, light jail sentences don’t seem to be doing it, adding the names to a sex offenders list, don’t make me laugh, getting added to a list won’t stop these sick fuckers. So what IS the answer? well prison has been proven not to work in the majority of cases, statistics show that most coming out of prison reoffend, Psychiatric help, maybe, let’s face it these are sick puppy’s that need to be fixed but they also need to want to be fixed, if it can be done, and that seems to be the crux of the matter what makes a person want to abuse a child and can that anomaly be repaired? and that my friends is one question that I doubt anyone can answer for sure.

I’m sure Operation Yewtree will continue to throw up further names of celebrities that can be linked to Saville, but let’s make one thing abundantly clear, when there is sufficient evidence against the person let’s make sure we write to our local MP’s Parliament, TV, Radio, Newspapers, post on the internet to ensure that these people are punished to the full extent of the law, if they get away with it it will continue to happen in the future just as it happened in the past.

‘Till the next time…..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Taking The Fun Out Of Funeral

As many will know today saw us witness the complete and total waste of money, £10 million plus, we await the final figure, of Margaret Hilda “The Milk Snatcher” Thatcher, the scourge of the working class and destroyer of communities. I watched the whole proceedings hoping to see a mass protest of some sort at the least a few banners of derision, and hopefully to see the bitch burn at the end, what did we get? a watered down procession that always made sure we only saw her supporters and hear the guests gushing of what a great woman she was, I nearly choked on my own bile listening to all that bollocks. Did I expect anything less, no not really but we can dream, but I did expect to see more anti-thatcher coverage, but no such luck, There were the parties in Scotland though, some of the communities she destroyed decided to push the boat out and go for it.

Never Ever Forget!

Never Ever Forget!

But at least she has hopefully now been reduced to ashes and we will never see the likes of her again, but as long as there is a ruling class this will never happen, greed over need is the order of the day with governments and those in power, this must stop and we must regain some of our moral values back and make this a Country to be proud to live in without fear, prejudice and intimidation regardless of class creed or colour.

Now as ever, still hating, never forgiving, rot in hell.

‘Till the next time….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality



Anarchy And Peace

I read an article today about a leaked Government document regarding the nuclear bunkers being built to house the government, wealthy and general Hoi Polloi of the day. 50 years ago in 1963 during the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND) annual 4 day marches for peace, marches that had started in 1958 and continued until 1963 from Aldermaston to London, On the last march to take place in March 1963 a bombshell was unleashed on the public, a pamphlet was released to the press, politicians and protesters alike, the pamphlet’s opening lines read as follows:

“DANGER! OFFICIAL SECRET” said:“This document is about a small group of people who have accepted thermonuclear war as a probability and are consciously and carefully planning for it.”

It then went on to reveal the secret location of one of the Governments bunkers, one of 14 built during the cold war, bunkers that would be used for the elite of the country to decide the best way forward for the remains of the Country and the people unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast but survive. The group responsible for obtaining and publishing the document were known as Spies For Peace and one of the members, the only one to be named after his death, was renowned Anarchist Nicolas Walter, this was only made public after Nicolas’ daughter Natasha, also a Human Rights activist, made the connection with the document and her fathers involvement with the group.

Nicolas Walter

Nicolas Walter

Just before the march the group broke into Regional Seat of Government No. 6 (RSG-6), copied documents relating to the Government’s plans in the event of nuclear war, and subsequently distributed 3,000 leaflets revealing their contents. The impact was enormous. Although not everyone associated with CND at the time saw this as a positive move as this quote from the founder of CND, Canon Collins,  said anarchist groups had “muscled in” on the march. He went on to add: “It is stupid and thoroughly to be regretted… They have distracted attention from the real purpose of the demonstration and done great harm to the cause they claim to be standing for.”, I must disagree with that comment, without the bravery of these relatively unknown heroes, let’s face it, at that time what they did could have resulted in very large jail sentences had they been caught, the public would have gone about their business none the wiser and the threat of nuclear war was just as great then as it is now. Such was the fear of identification and capture the group reportedly went to extraordinary lengths to keep their identities a secret. They wore gloves so the pamphlets wouldn’t have their finger prints on them, and threw their typewriter into a river. Nicolas’ daughter later revealed: “There was a lovely cloak-and-dagger feel about it. It was only when I was older that I realised the risk they had run of very long prison sentences,”

After reading the article I just had to put my thoughts down as I was unaware of this event happening, obviously the authorities were embarrassed about their secret hidey-holes being found but also back then the Government were not bound by legislation as much as they are today to divulge information to the public, thank goodness for the freedom of information act.

Without men like Nicolas and the Spies for Peace, the powers that be would be able to do what the hell they wanted, this is why we need to question ALL our elected members if we feel they have something to hide, and not just take the answers given, harass these people at every turn, don’t let them rest, this is the job they want to do, control others, and just like Nicolas, I won’t be controlled, well not without a fight anyway, No Masters, No Gods No Leaders.

“Till the next time…..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

96 Reasons Why Kelvin MacKenzie Must Die

Today is the twenty fourth anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster a shocking event  that took the lives of 96 innocent football supporters from Liverpool, at the heart of this disaster was some of the most shocking reporting and lies ever printed by a newspaper, The Sun and it’s editor scumbag Kelvin MacKenzie, printing lies that supporters picked the pockets of the dying and injured supporters that were strewn across the playing field, lies of supporters urinating and inflicting violence on the police officers on duty, the list goes on and on,

Four years later scumbag MacKenzie explained his actions, talking to a House of Commons National Heritage Select Committee, he said: “I regret Hillsborough. It was a fundamental mistake. The mistake was I believed what an MP said. It was a Tory MP. If he had not said it and the Chief Superintendent (David Duckenfield) had not agreed with it, we would not have gone with it.”

Boycott This Piece Of Shit Paper

Boycott This Piece Of Shit Paper

Scumbag MacKenzie repudiated the apology in November 2006, saying he apologised because the newspaper’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, ordered him to. He said, “I was not sorry then and I’m not sorry now”. MacKenzie refused to apologise when appearing on the BBC’s topical Question Time on 11 January 2007. these are the actions of a complete cunt and a human being devout of any feelings or a conscience, in other words a cunt.

My hatred of this bastard rises each time I hear him speak or his name mentioned  on television, the revulsion I feel towards him cannot be put into words, and to boot he is a Thatcherite, well, enough said, if you cohort with Satan some of that shit must rub off.


Below are the names of the unfortunate supporters who lost their lives that afternoon, 96 names and reasons why Kelvin MacKenzie must die and his rag be taken out of production.

As a football fan this could happen to me and others who follow their respective teams, we all respect the feelings of Liverpool FC and the family and friends of the deceased and hopefully that is shown each year at this time when we show our respects, please follow suit with the good people of Liverpool and boycott the Sun, and anytime you happen to come into contact with Scumbag MacKenzie please feel free to give the cunt a good kicking, then piss all over his bloody shit filled body as he writhes in pain, it’s not good enough but it’s a start.

To the 96, Rest In Peace.

Colin Mark Ashcroft; James Gary Aspinall; Kester Roger Marcus Ball; Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron; David William Birtle; Paul David Brady; Carl Brown; David Steven Brown; Henry Thomas Burke; Peter Andrew Burkett; Paul William Carlile; Raymond Thomas Chapman; Stephen Paul Copoc; Tracey Elizabeth Cox; James Philip Delaney; Thomas Steven Fox; Barry Glover; Derrick George Godwin; Roy Harry Hamilton; Philip Hammond; Gary Harrison; Stephen Francis Harrison; Peter Andrew Harrison; David Hawley; Paul Anthony Hewitson; Carl Darren Hewitt; Sarah Louise Hicks; Arthur Horrocks; Thomas Howard; Eric George Hughes; Alan Johnston; Gary Philip Jones; Richard Jones; Michael David Kelly; Brian Christopher Mathews; Francis Joseph McAllister; John McBrien; Peter McDonnell; Alan McGlone; Keith McGrath; Paul Brian Murray; Stephen Francis O’Neill; Jonathon Owens; David George Rimmer; Graham John Roberts; Steven Jospeh Robinson; Inger Shah; Adam Edward Spearritt; David Leonard Thomas; Patrick John Thompson; Peter Francis Tootle; Christopher James Traynor; Kevin Tyrrell; Colin Wafer; Ian David Whelan; and Kevin Daniel Williams.

‘Till the next time…..

You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Joey Ramone – RIP

It’s been twelve years since the passing of Joey Ramone, one of the founding “Brudders” of the punk band The Ramones.

My thoughts are with you today as always, the pleasure you and your music brought me as I was growing up was immense, your music was simplistic but also thought provoking, funny but serious in some ways, the music was just what I was looking for at that time, irreverent, fast and fun.

You never took yourself too seriously and that too was a breath of fresh air at the time of the stadium rock bands at the time such as YES, ELP, The Who and the Rolling Stones to name a few, many have tried to emulate your style but never quite made the grade.

Rest In Peace Joey

Rest In Peace Joey

Rest In Peace Joey, still sadly missed.

‘Till the next time…..

Gabba Gabba Hey!


Margaret – Death of a Revolutionary…. Bollocks!

I watched Martin Durkin’s documentary “Margaret – Death of a Revolutionary” shown on Channel 4 on Saturday.  The title intrigued me, could this be right? have I been wrong all along, did Maggie actually have my (our) best interests at heart, was she being cruel to be kind or just plain cruel as I have thought all along, the synopsis for the program reads as follows:

“Martin Durkin’s controversial thesis is that Margaret Thatcher was a working class revolutionary.  She believed that capitalism was in the interests of ordinary people, not the toffs. Many ordinary people agreed.  And that is why the left hated her so much – Margaret Thatcher stole the working class.”

 Sounds good I thought, I might learn something here, one hour and eleven minutes later, not only were my views not changed at all but, my mind was made up, she was still a hideous creature that should have been killed a long time ago.

The programme opened with some anti Thatcher views from both ends of the social spectrum Stephen Fry from the upper class, and Elvis Costello, from the working class giving an excerpt from his “Tramp The Dirt Down” song, then Mr Durkin tried to win us over by telling us she was just an ordinary working class girl from Grantham who gained a scholarship to Oxford, and then it started, the sycophantic rantings from all and sundry, Cecil Parkinson, Norman Tebbit, David Cameron, Bernard Ingham and the loathsome Kelvin MacKenzie, we’ll get round to that cunt later believe me.

Tales of how she was loathed by the stalwarts of the 1970’s Tory party for not being one of them and also a woman to boot, the audacity of the woman, this I believe was thrown in to try and get us “real” working class to show a bit of sympathy, not working Martin, a deluge of comments of how wonderful she was poured from the screen, until the introduction of Neil Kinnock, her opposition rival, now we’re going to hear some truths, I thought, how wrong I was, he relayed tales of what a strong willed woman she was and how she loved to debate and argue the point with her fellow “Honourable” colleagues, honourable what a crock of shit, if there ever was a word to describe a politician honourable ain’t one of them, but I digress, he continued to pour out a bunch of nothing until his last question which was, “Do you thing Mrs Thatcher’s policies were right and did they benefit the country?” his reply, after a few pauses was, thankfully “No”, at last Neil, Jesus, get a spine you fucking coward. Polly Toynbee’s contribution to the nays lasted all of two and a half minutes, that concluded the against comments, poor journalism to say the least, at least make an attempt to get all views, this is backed up by the fact that there were no comments from Miners, Steel Workers, or Dockers regarding the way their communities were raped by this abhorrent scab of a woman, no comments from ANY Scottish people, who’s entire country was ignored and then subsequently used as a testing ground for her loathsome Poll Tax, in fact the whole documentary focused on middle England, middle England’s middle class to be precise any one living north of the Watford gap could fuck off, their opinions would not be counted.

Now, enter Kelvin MacKenzie, remember this fucking piece of shit, the very person who attacked the Liverpool supporters after Hillsborough reporting that they were picking the pockets of the people as they lay dying, and hiding any evidence to the contrary, plus his heinous attacks on Scotland and the Scottish people, for no apparent reason other than we (I’m Scottish) did not agree with his beloved Tory parties policies or vote for his beloved Tory party at ANY election. This fat lying money grabbing piece of shit went on to praise everything that Thatcher did regardless of whether it was right or wrong, I swear when he smiled I caught a glimpse of  brown stains of Thatcher’s shit on his tongue after licking it clean for all those years, this cunt really has to die, the quicker the better he is nothing more than pond scum that has lied and cheated his way into money. 

There was also nothing repoted on the Poll Tax and the subsequent riots that brought her downfall, they did try and say the it was the Tory wets, the back benchers that came from money and didn’t agree with her policies that got rid of her but, truth be told it was us, the normal working class people of Britain, normal people sick and tired of her stealing money from us, oh, that and wrecking half of Central London in the process…. happy day, her party recognised that the people were sick and tired of that shit and didn’t want to be pushed out of Parliament by the people so they pushed her out to secure power.

And to finish off this blatant piece of Tory propaganda we went back to all the old Tories regaling us with all the stories of how she transformed this country and how Britain would have been destroyed by the Labour party and the Unions, blah blah blah.

What she actually did was create a free market to allow the rich to get richer and the poor get poorer and also chained into the system, if we owned something we would be less likely to fight back with the fear of losing it, giving her cart blanche to do what she wanted to. What she did was destroy any manufacturing industry we had and the communities that relied on them, her excuse for this: “I won’t be responsible for bailing out any non profit making industries, we must protect the wealth makers and not the wealth breakers”, 30 years or so on and what happened? we bailed out non profit making banks, who owns the banks? the fucking wealthy, how convenient. What she did was create the biggest North/South divide since God knows when and the biggest gap between the class system ever. What she did was bring working class brother to fight working class brother all in the name of greed and selfishness. What she ultimately did was create the grim future that our children all face, yes, they may now have the right to buy a house but at what price? few young people can afford the fucking deposit let alone the huge mortgages they have to take out, so we have inadvertently came full circle, no better off than we were before this so called “Working Class Revolutionary” came into power.

I still hate Thatcher.

Wise Words....

Wise Words….

I hate what she did to this Country, I hate the people she made, the Yuppies, and all the big city dealers.

I hate the way she turned the working class against each other.

I hate the way she destroyed our industries without shedding a tear.

I hate the lying, the deceit and the war that she created in order to stay in power.

I hate her for the needless deaths that occurred during her governance.

I hated hearing her voice, and seeing her face, and I will continue to hate her until the day I die, finally I hate what she turned me into, I would never wish death on anyone, but what she did to this country is inexcusable and I am unapologetic for the hatred towards this woman that I have vented since 1979. I am grateful for only one thing, I lived to see her die, this gives me an inordinate amount of pleasure and look forward to the funeral so I can vent some more venom her way.

Rot in Hell.

‘Till the next time………

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Tony Blair – Class Traitor

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has condemned the celebrations held in Bristol, Glasgow, and London on Monday after the announcement of Thatcher’s death, he called them “Pretty poor taste” and we should “show some respect”

Fuck you Tony, this is rich coming from a man that has allowed the Labour Party to become the “New Tories”, the very party started in order to give the working class man and woman a voice, Founder and first leader Kier Hardie would be spinning in his grave if he saw what you and your cronies have turned the party into, it’s a sham, you care nothing for the working class that continue to support Labour, and the Trade Unions, why they continue to support is beyond me, they are as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle these days, again another legacy of Thatcher’s reign, she killed the Unions and rather than build them back up, the Labour party has continued to allow them to fall into the shambles they are today, no power, no voice.

Like Thatcher you have led this country into an illegal war and are in my opinion you are no better than Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, all the people killed in the Middle East war in Iraq and Afghanistan are no worse than his holocaust, difference is he made no bones about what he was doing, you on the other hand tried to hide the reasons for going to war.

Your lax manner that you dealt with the Banking profession again further kicked the balls of the working class, making the divide between the classes greater, and correct me if I’m wrong but did you not say in your manifesto before coming into power that you and your party wanted to break down the class barriers, good job, we have now went from the traditional three; Upper, Middle and Working class to SEVEN! Way to go Tony, your plan worked you fucking moron.

You have done as much to harm this country as Thatcher did, and for the working class to hate her as much as they did seems as if the writings on the wall for you when you go as well, for you represented the party that was supposed to have supported the working man, fuck me, we could get you prosecuted for fraudulent misrepresentation, as well as war crimes, you fucking cunt.

Don’t you dare try and criticise our actions, we went through the pain and suffering of her policies, we are living with the legacy of her policies, and to make it worse we are also living with yours as well, so Tony, curl up in your nice Country pile and close all the curtains, get out some of Maggie’s old speeches and wank yourself into oblivion and pretend all us “real” people don’t exist and all’s well in the world, because mate your time will come and when it does I’ll break open another bottle champagne and piss all over your final resting place as well, TRAITOR!

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

Piers Morgan – Hope You’re Next

Piers Morgan has posted on his Twitter “To all those spewing bile and vitriol at Margaret Thatcher today – she’s dead, what more do you want? Show some respect”, in reply slimebag, we want retribution, we want payback, we want to celebrate the passing of a quite despicable human being.

Piers Morgan

Hope we see you in the ground soon too Piers, you cunt.

Did she show respect when she decimated the mining and steel working communities? Did she fuck, did she show remorse for the thousand or more soldiers she sent to their deaths in the Falklands, just to secure a second term in office? Did she fuck, did she show remorse for all the families she left destitute due to her invention of the Yuppie? Did she fuck, did she show remorse for any of the shit she did to this country while and in power or the legacy left by her and her party’s actions? again, did she fuck, this odious, evil capitalist shitbag felt no remorse over any of her actions, oh wait, she did feel remorse once, over the Poll Tax, although not for the actual tax itself or the hurt and financial shortfalls it brought to the people, but the fact that it brought her eventual downfall, selfish fucker.

For you to call for an amnesty on the, as you put it, “Vile and Vitriol” shown towards her is no surprise, you are part of the Yuppie scum that was responsible for her continuance in power, for you and the rag you worked for loved every minute of it, you and your likes got richer and found the journalistic freedom to write whatever you wanted and get away with it, the hacking scandal and the way the Sun and News Of The World handled the Hillsborough tragedy, the list goes on, did you and your rag show respect to the people you fucked over, did you fuck.

So Piers, you scum sucking waste of skin and oxygen thief, don’t you dare try and take this away from us, we have waited a long time for this moment and we WILL enjoy every bit of it, and I hope the Anti-Thatcher parties become an annual event on the anniversary of her death, you and your capitalist Tory loving cronies might want to draw a line under this sordid event but we will NEVER forget what she did and hopefully we will be allowed to show this for years to come.

Hopefully you will follow suit and shuffle off this mortal coil as well, come on do us all a favour, you won’t be missed.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality