Can You Guess What It Is Yet?… That’s Right It’s A Pervert

So Rolf Harris is the latest celebrity to be arrested in conjunction with the Jimmy Saville sex abuse case. What the fuck is happening with all the celebrities I used to watch in the 1970’s, Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson, Gary Glitter, Dave Lee Travis and now Rolf looks like being added to the list.

Why do these celebrities think they can get away with it, well in Saville’s case he did more’s the pity, but questions need to be answered, if not why it was allowed to happen in the first place then why after numerous allegations was it not acted upon, the police now claim that all files relating to Saville’s case have been lost? lost, how the fuck do the police lose a file on a suspected Paedophile especially after the amount of claims that have been made now it’s incomprehensible, or were the people involved in the investigation paid to look the other way, look at the number of Heads of the BBC during Saville’s tenure who must have known, and some have admitted to some knowledge if not all, that these shady goings-on were happening, shame on them for not coming forward. It’s the moral duty for everyone to report child abuse, whether sexual or otherwise, we wonder why we have a “Broken Britain” here’s your answer, adults fucking everything up for the future. A child is an empty vessel waiting to be filled it is the job of the parents, guardians and family of that child to fill them with all the information, guidance and moral fibre to set them on their way at the start of their adult life, not and I repeat NOT as a plaything for them. Shame on anyone who keeps information of child abuse to themselves, this must be acted upon by any methods available, don’t keep quiet, for the kids sake say something.

It’s a saddening reflection on our society today when we constantly read in the papers or Internet and watch reports on TV on the constant flow of Child sex cases being brought to light, it makes me both sad and angry that nothing seems to be done about it to stop it, light jail sentences don’t seem to be doing it, adding the names to a sex offenders list, don’t make me laugh, getting added to a list won’t stop these sick fuckers. So what IS the answer? well prison has been proven not to work in the majority of cases, statistics show that most coming out of prison reoffend, Psychiatric help, maybe, let’s face it these are sick puppy’s that need to be fixed but they also need to want to be fixed, if it can be done, and that seems to be the crux of the matter what makes a person want to abuse a child and can that anomaly be repaired? and that my friends is one question that I doubt anyone can answer for sure.

I’m sure Operation Yewtree will continue to throw up further names of celebrities that can be linked to Saville, but let’s make one thing abundantly clear, when there is sufficient evidence against the person let’s make sure we write to our local MP’s Parliament, TV, Radio, Newspapers, post on the internet to ensure that these people are punished to the full extent of the law, if they get away with it it will continue to happen in the future just as it happened in the past.

‘Till the next time…..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Rock ‘N Roll Is Dead – Official

The Brit awards have finally put the final nail in the coffin of British Rock ‘n Roll.
What a tame, bland and unexciting event it was.
Whatever happened to the edginess? the unexpected? the excitement? things that used to  be associated with popular music culture? Where are the mavericks? the wild men? the Keith Richards’, Iggy pops’, Keith Moons’, Sid Vicious’ or Jim Morrisons’ that used to create havoc, where are the outspoken icons like John Lydon, Joe Strummer, and Bob Dylan who filled their records with revolutionary scorn, lest we forget my favourites Crass in that category, where are the obscure, like Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, psychic TV and The Residents, the ones that didn’t give a flying fuck what anyone thought of their records or making vast sums of money either, it’s all about the art darling!
These days it’s all about money, money, and in the case of the onslaught of boy bands in recent years, making pre pubescent girls knickers slightly moist at the mere sight of one of these spotty oiks, but I digress, back to last night’s shambles.
You could tell from the off that it wasn’t going to be a rock ‘n roll event, the darling of comedy James Corden hosted the event, about as un-rock and roll as you can get, the whole thing reeked of corporate organisation, it was more like a Tory conference.
But what made my blood boil was with One Direction, and what’s prompted this rant, how fucking dare they attempt to cover two punk classics, The Undertones ‘Teenage Kicks’, John Peel must have spun completely out of  his grave, hopefully to haunt these little cunts, and then they murdered Blondie’s ‘One Way Or Another’. These floppy haired buffoons should stick to their soppy “boy meets girl” sugar coated pap.
My era was the punk years, the spirit of ’76 and all that, we had something to say, and boy did we say it! What are they dreaming up next? that long streak of piss Rylan doing a cover version of the Pistols ‘Anarchy’, God help us all.
Rock ‘n Roll music is supposed to be outrageous, exciting, edgy and dare I say it revolutionary. Yes there is a place in music for love songs but please leave it to the soul men and women, no one does it better than them, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and the queen, Aretha Franklin, spotty faced teenagers telling you about love and a broken heart has as much credence as getting baby sitting advice from Jimmy Saville. As I said music should excite, make you ask questions, encourage you to learn an instrument, encourage you to form a band of your own, a real band mind you, not a fucking poncy boy band.
Be inventive, think for yourself, don’t confirm to the corporate idea and most importantly don’t lose your artistic integrity for the lure of the pound, real talent will make it in the end it just takes time and perseverance and if it doesn’t who gives a fuck your making music, music you love, live the dream.
‘Till the next time…..
Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

X-Factor Unleash A New Nightmare

So the end of the current season of X-Factor, and what does that mean for the rest of us, well, same as before a new bunch of talentless morons ready to be manipulated into whatever their manager wants them to be, to be plastered over the tabloid press and glossy celeb mags over the next few months and the release of another dreary, over produced piece of pop tat.

Is it just me or do we really need another “girl group”? short answer to that is do we hell,  just because their granny thinks they have a good voice that they have a god given right to inflict the rest of the planet with it, I personally would rather puncture both my eardrums than listen to them warble week in week out.

This show has become more ridiculous as the seasons pass, with the hideous themed weeks, they had the audacity to have a “Rock” week where the acts had to do a cover of a rock song, and what did the mentors do, turn the songs into ballads so the inadequates could cope with the lack of vocal range they possess.

When will this hideous sham of a show end, we have had our fill of jumped up Karaoke singers with little or no personality let alone any talent, they will be worked from the rear like a sooty puppet, rolled out at any minor celebrity gathering to smile and spout platitudes like their talentless predecessors before them. There are plenty talented musicians out there plying their craft week in week out in some hovel of a pub for years on end, and these folk are quite happy to do that, why, because the genuinely do it for the love of the music they produce and would not debase themselves by appearing on one of these “talent” shows, ha, talent, who are they trying to kid.

’till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality, and earplugs for all.

The Grumpy Guide to….. Grumpy Guides

Last night I tuned into the Grumpy Guide To The Eighties, now I like the Grumpy Guide series on telly, well, a grumpy old fucker like myself likes to join in, but the reason I’ve decided to write about this is my very own grump about these programs. In case your not familiar with the format of the program, a subject is taken, in this case the 80’s, and a bunch of celebrities are asked to recollect their memories of what happened and if possible relate to their involvement in them, with a grumpy negative attitude of course. So in this program the usual culprits are displayed on screen and the first subject spoken about, which in this case was the game show 3, 2, 1, with Ted Rodgers, then they got on the the terrible music, fashion, politics, mobile phones, computer games and finally the “mullet” hairstyle.

Celebrities asked to participate were, Matt Le Tissier, Neil Morrissey, Roni Ancona, Al Murray, Terry Christian, Ed Byrne, Shappi Khorsandi Huey Morgan and Russell Kane………. yeah, the comedian Russell Kane, asked to comment on the subject of why the 80’s was shit and how it affected his life, let me tell you readers, Russell kane was born in August 1980!

Russell Kane - Acceptible In The 80's ?

Now I do quite like the comedic talents of the aforementioned Mr Kane but to hear him recollect his memories of the 80’s was, well, how do I put it…….. infuriating to say the least. let’s just put this in perspective, the first two years of Mr Kane’s life in the 80’s were spent gurgling inane noises, sucking on his mothers tit and soiling himself, then a couple of years toddling about, learning to walk, talk and stuffing marbles and Lego up his nose, then he would start school, now this would take him up to 1985 or so. In the years leading up to this what have we been through in this time line, well, Thatcher has started closing Coal Mines, Steel Works and creating Yuppies and mass unemployment, we were marching on a regular basis for such causes as CND, Right To Work, and many others, while Mr Kane sits around shitting his nappy with not a care. So not much for him to remember for the first five years.

1986 onwards would see the young Mr Kane strap on his satchel and begin primary school, now some memories would be able to recounted, if the show required memories on Little Billy pulling the pigtails on Little Jenny and how his action man doll got flushed down the toilet. The only thing I think Mr kane could comment with any authority would be the music of the time, we all have musical memories that hark back to our younger days, how the fuck can he comment on Thatcher, Miners Strikes, Anti Poll Tax riots, using a mobile phone, being unemployed, the Falklands war, going to Camden Palace with the rest of the New Romantics, he can’t, he can only go on what he’s read or been told by others, therefore why is he on this show, you would be as well getting me to comment on “The Grumpy Guide To The 60’s”, I could tell all the viewers about how great it was going to Brighton on my scooter, and buying the latest records by The Beatles or the Who, where I was was when Kennedy was shot, the list goes on, but the truth is yes I know these things happened, I was alive at the time but I was a fucking infant, if I’m truthful, really all I can remember was sitting in puddles licking worms, and I’m sure the great british public have no interest in that.

Mr Kane, when asked to participate in these shows please think before accepting, I understand you want to get your face on the screen, and possibly need the apperance money, but at the cost of making an arse of yourself ? I don’t think it’s worth it.

‘Till the next time…….

Stay Grumpy !

Election Time !

Well it’s that time of the year again……….. election time, where the great British public will vote in their numbers, campaigns will be drafted, speeches written to capture the public’s attention……. Sorry, I think I might be confusing you all out there, it’s not an election for a politician, but the next celebrity moron “Z” lister to grace the small screen. 14 hopefuls will parade in front of some screaming halfwitted members of the public, the gathered throng ready to scream at some nobody they haven’t heard of, as if they have just starred in a Hollywood blockbuster, but in reality probably work in Blockbuster. One by one the cretins will filter into the house, to spend up to two months spouting platitudes, as if the majority of us sensible folk give a fuck, these arse holes have nothing to say that would have any relevance to our life. As I’ve said before, the people who enter the Big Brother house, celebrity or otherwise, are nothing more than egotistical, shallow, media whores, who will stop at nothing to get their slimy faces on the TV and tabloid papers at any given chance. Look at what Channel 5 have are using as their show starter, inserting Hollywood harlot Pamela Anderson into the house to mix with the great unwashed, Pamela have you no shame….. silly question, of course you don’t, any excuse to get your botoxed face, and plastic tit’s back in the public eye, well your video of you shagging Tommy Lee is so 1990’s dahling, it’s time you updated your CV, eh Pammy.

Do the members of the public not think of their families and friends before going into the house, let’s remember this is the 11th Season, we all know what goes on while this shit is on, celebrity gossip magazines and the tabloid journalists, will step over each other to anally rape the friends and family of the housemates to get a juicy titbit of gossip on them, weird sexual preferences, fall out with parents, previous boy / girlfriends, what ever they can get they will tart up and take great pleasure in printing it.

Come two months time we shall have elected our new celebrity “Z” list moron, other morons will swoon over them, lesser morons will aspire to be them, and some morons will follow them about, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or become their very own celebrity stalker, the press will continue to fill column inches with utter shite about them, then a few weeks will pass and they will find a new twat to victimise, the new “Z” lister will turn up to every event, fuck, they are so desperate they would turn up at the opening of a packet of crisps, fucking losers.

I know I come down hard on the Big Brother contestants every season, but, with the exception of the first one where no-one knew what would happen and it was very basic and low key, now, the contestants enter knowing full well they are being thrust into the public eye and use the program as a stepping stone to try and become presenters, or some shit like that, and in the girls case a ” Glamour Model “, wake up love, there’s nothing glamorous about getting your “nawks” out for some sad, fat old fucker to deposit his seed all over your picture in the wank mag that features you that month. The guys see it as being put in the window for the birds to have a gander at the ” merch ” and possibly shag their way to stardom. They should know what they are getting into, and I will continue to mock and ridicule everyone associated with this ridiculous program, until they stop making it, we have enough cretins in this world, giving them airtime only turns them into super cretins, we certainly don’t want that.

Celebrity ?

The dictionary refers to the nature of celebrity thus:

a famous person.

Renown, fame

Celebrity – the state or quality of being widely honoured and acclaimed.

So how does this fit in with what we regard as a celebrity these days, well, look at who the general public regard as celebrity, Jordan (Katie Price), Jodie Marsh, Coleen Rooney (nee McLaughlan), and any of the pityful specimens that dare to grace our TV screens on reality shows such as Big Brother, X Factor and Pop Idol to name a few. “Reality” shows, there’s an oxymoron for you, nothing like a scripted, controlled environment to make a “reality” show, the only thing that’s real on these shows are the high levels of idiocy, we can’t complain there, value for money.

But what have any of the people mentioned above done to deserve the the status of celebrity. Jordan and Jodie, go to parties, get a bit pissed then pop the twins out at the mere sight of paparazzi cameras, Jordan did up the anti by signing up for her own series of TV shows, totally saturating the ITV2 channel for years with her own brand of shit. Coleen, shags Wayne Rooney….. well, that’s it, she shags Wayne Rooney, when she can prise him away from the body of some octogenarian. Although she is now seen as some sort of scally fashionista, recommending the latest in shell suits no doubt. Don’t even begin to tell me ANY of the Big Brother / X Factor / Pop Idol reality “stars” have any redeeming qualities that would influence the youth of today, apart from flaunting wealth. “No More Heroes” the Stranglers sang…. how true….. how very true …..

“Well I’m tired of staring through shit stained glass

Tired of staring up a superstars arse

I’ve got an arse and crap and a name

I’m just waiting for my fifteen minutes fame”

Punk Is Dead – Crass

We as members of the public are fooled into believing the media hype when any of these people are thrust into the limelight, the only use they have is to sell tacky magazines and tabloid newspapers…. oh… and to prostitute themselves for lots and lots of money to the highest bidder, they show no shame in spouting out stories of former lovers, etc… in fact anything that will keep them in the limelight, the latest trauma is child abuse, all of these arseholes now seem to have been abused in some sort of way as children, eh !… didn’t hear that in any of the audition tapes…. only when the cameras stop snapping, phone stops ringing and folk stop looking and pointing at them in the street, then the whining little maggots feed us another snippet of why their life is a living hell. Older generations must look at these sorry articles and scream “Is that what we fought the war for ?…..”, whilst my generation can only hold it’s head in shame, after all these are the spawn of the Thatcher generation, another reason, as if we needed one, to continue hating her and her Tory Government even more, but that’s another rant for another day……

As the list of fuckwits grows ever longer, and the paper mountain grows ever higher, due to the shit publications they are asked to contribute to. Is it not about time we put our foot down and put a stop to this crap. Jordan is on her 4th ….. yeah you read that correctly….. 4th autobiography, she’s only 33 for fuck sake !! how many times do we need to read of how many guys she’s bedded, she’s been ridden more times than Red Rum. We don’t care what her and her slimey husband / boyfriend of the moment get up to when the light go out, or in her case when the cameras stop rolling. Jordan has become the living embodiment of the movie “The Trueman Show” she would love the cameras to run 24/7, we don’t, personally I have had a belly full of the Jordan / Katie saga, it’s time we saw through the facade. This horrible human being will stop at nothing to keep her surgically enhanced face on all the tabloids and minor TV channels, even stooping as low as putting her disabled son in the public eye, how low will she go, she did after all say she wanted to give birth live on the Internet, a sight to behold and riveting telly I’m sure you will agree.

It’s getting that bad that the pile of shit that is “The Only Way Is Essex” won a BAFTA !!!! The truly gifted actors who were nominated that year must have been perturbed at the judges decision on the winner, the work the trained actors put in coupled with the real writers who spend massive amounts of time putting together well scripted stories. The “real people” who work “unscripted” on this moronic insight to Essex are muppets, unintelligent, fake and money grabbing pieces of shit who do not deserve to be on TV, in fact there have been more intelligent specimens left at the bottom of an abortion bucket, than these oxygen thieves. The phrase most heard when I’m spouting these diatribes is “they might be stupid, but they’re millionaires”, the former might be true, but, wealth at what cost, these people have no morals and this is what has brought them their fame and wealth, and try telling queen of the morons Jade Goody that money and fame is everything, it did nothing for her when diagnosed with cancer, my point is, these people see money over everything, cash is king, grab it by any means necessary, no thought for others, no morals, empty vessels.

Folks, do we really want out children / grandchildren looking up to these retards as some sort of role models or god forbid a hero, it’s a no brainer, of course we don’t, so what do we do, well for one stop buying the trashy magazines they rely on and the tabloids that would sell their grannies to get a celebrity story, switch off the TV whenever a program comes on with the fuckwits in it, write to your TV stations asking for better programming, this would apply more to the BBC, remember we as licence payers have a big say, if we cancel our licence they get fuck all to pay these double z listers. Do what is right, you know it makes sense.

Death To Big Brother

So for the past week the great British public have been subjected to another season of celebrity big brother, don’t get me started with this……… celebrity ?…… as far as I can see there is only one bone fide celebrity in there and that’s the one from the American Pie film, the others, well that can be debated until the cows come home, lets go down the list:
First we have Kerry Katona, this fuck wit is by no means a celebrity, she is no more than a fucked up alcoholic junkie who revels in the limelight and profits from each of her fuck ups with a “sorry” and followed up with ” where’s my pay check ” she has lived her life jumping from one catastrophe to another seemingly blaming everyone but herself, do us all a favour love, take an overdose and put us all out of our misery.
Next, we have Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, OK so she did a bit of acting, maybe there’s a bit of celeb in her, pity the only bit of celebrity in her was “The Hoff’s” dick.
Darryn Lyons, a ridiculous looking silly man famous for taking snaps of, and I use the term loosely, celebrities and selling the pictures to the tabloid rags that dry hump each other over the gossip, not a celebrity but a parasite that benefits from others misfortune, what a tit.
Tara Reid, the girl from American Pie, a Hollywood actress, that’s a celebrity, so far we have a count of one……
Next, we have the phenomenon know as Jedward, the moronic Irish twins who do not have one brain cell between them, I would grant them a sort of celebrity status based on the pop work they have released and are still recording, pity. These annoying pair of idiots are the best argument for contraception that I have heard of so far.
Now we get to the barrel scraping of the “celebrity” market…….
Amy Childs, where do we start with this oxygen thief, famous for the waste of air time The Only Way Is Essex, inventing the Vajazzle and supposedly a model, give me strength, bitch is more plastic than a Barbie doll, at least with her Vajazzle experience she’ll be at home in this house full of fannies !
On to Sally Bercow, famous for being the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, and being a bit of a slapper definitely not a celebrity.
Paddy Doherty next, famous for being a Gypsy, a celebrity ? No, nothing more than a misogynistic, thieving travelling bastard, that does not pay taxes, and now a TV star, thanks a lot Channel 4.
And the last two, Lucien Laviscount, noted as being an actor, but only appeared on Coronation Street for about 5 minutes, and Bobby Sabel, ???? yeah, I know. This fucker is a model, I have never seen any of his work, so if no one has heard of him why is he here ?
So there’s the line up, makes you want to puke doesn’t it, obviously real celebrities would not want to be seen dead being associated with this barrel of shite which is why these oxygen thieves get air time, the saddest thing is some of the moronic public lap this crap up like a kitten with a bowl of cream, until we realise that this really is a waste of time watching these losers 24 / 7 they will continue to grace our telly boxes, the time has come to voice our opinions with our fingers and switch the channel away from Channel 5.
It could be spiced up I suppose, why not instead of evictions, let’s have executions for the one voted out each week, now…. I’d watch that !