Luis Suarez…. Bite Me!

At the weekend during the Liverpool v Chelsea match Luis Suarez struck again, no not another glorious goal, or some scintillating skilful football in which he leaves a number of defenders in his wake, nor was it the other side of Suarez that we’ve become accustomed to, the diving, the cheating handballs that have blotched his copybook all through his career, but this action takes on a whole new concept, he tried to bite, yes bite Branislav Ivanovic on the arm after being tackled by the Chelsea defender, then Suarez has the audacity to start to hold his hip and jump around on the spot as if he has been wronged, what is wrong with him, Luis what is going on in that head of yours, to bite a fellow professional after he has won a fair challenge.

Luis Auditions for the new "Dracula" movie

Luis Auditions for the new “Dracula” movie

What Suarez did was nothing more than a petulant infant would do when things aren’t going their way, and just to reiterate this is an infant I’m talking about, not a fully grown adult. but then again after his shenanigans in previous games this doesn’t come as any surprise. although Suarez publicly apologised for his actions to Ivanovic, if I was Ivanovic I would have told him where to shove it, what infuriates me about Suarez is he is a very talented player and to resort to biting a fellow professional is nothing more than scandalous. I hope that the FA dish out a lengthy ban to Suarez and although he has been fined, and the amount has been undisclosed and going by what he gets paid this will be a drop in the ocean to him, this ban should reflect in what he has done and hopefully allow him to take a long hard look at himself. The attack on Ivanovich is assault and should be treated as such by the FA, look at the way they dealt with Cantona’s attack on the Crystal Palace suporter, that seemed harsh at the time and so should the punishment dealt to Suarez.

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96 Reasons Why Kelvin MacKenzie Must Die

Today is the twenty fourth anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster a shocking event  that took the lives of 96 innocent football supporters from Liverpool, at the heart of this disaster was some of the most shocking reporting and lies ever printed by a newspaper, The Sun and it’s editor scumbag Kelvin MacKenzie, printing lies that supporters picked the pockets of the dying and injured supporters that were strewn across the playing field, lies of supporters urinating and inflicting violence on the police officers on duty, the list goes on and on,

Four years later scumbag MacKenzie explained his actions, talking to a House of Commons National Heritage Select Committee, he said: “I regret Hillsborough. It was a fundamental mistake. The mistake was I believed what an MP said. It was a Tory MP. If he had not said it and the Chief Superintendent (David Duckenfield) had not agreed with it, we would not have gone with it.”

Boycott This Piece Of Shit Paper

Boycott This Piece Of Shit Paper

Scumbag MacKenzie repudiated the apology in November 2006, saying he apologised because the newspaper’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, ordered him to. He said, “I was not sorry then and I’m not sorry now”. MacKenzie refused to apologise when appearing on the BBC’s topical Question Time on 11 January 2007. these are the actions of a complete cunt and a human being devout of any feelings or a conscience, in other words a cunt.

My hatred of this bastard rises each time I hear him speak or his name mentioned  on television, the revulsion I feel towards him cannot be put into words, and to boot he is a Thatcherite, well, enough said, if you cohort with Satan some of that shit must rub off.


Below are the names of the unfortunate supporters who lost their lives that afternoon, 96 names and reasons why Kelvin MacKenzie must die and his rag be taken out of production.

As a football fan this could happen to me and others who follow their respective teams, we all respect the feelings of Liverpool FC and the family and friends of the deceased and hopefully that is shown each year at this time when we show our respects, please follow suit with the good people of Liverpool and boycott the Sun, and anytime you happen to come into contact with Scumbag MacKenzie please feel free to give the cunt a good kicking, then piss all over his bloody shit filled body as he writhes in pain, it’s not good enough but it’s a start.

To the 96, Rest In Peace.

Colin Mark Ashcroft; James Gary Aspinall; Kester Roger Marcus Ball; Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron; David William Birtle; Paul David Brady; Carl Brown; David Steven Brown; Henry Thomas Burke; Peter Andrew Burkett; Paul William Carlile; Raymond Thomas Chapman; Stephen Paul Copoc; Tracey Elizabeth Cox; James Philip Delaney; Thomas Steven Fox; Barry Glover; Derrick George Godwin; Roy Harry Hamilton; Philip Hammond; Gary Harrison; Stephen Francis Harrison; Peter Andrew Harrison; David Hawley; Paul Anthony Hewitson; Carl Darren Hewitt; Sarah Louise Hicks; Arthur Horrocks; Thomas Howard; Eric George Hughes; Alan Johnston; Gary Philip Jones; Richard Jones; Michael David Kelly; Brian Christopher Mathews; Francis Joseph McAllister; John McBrien; Peter McDonnell; Alan McGlone; Keith McGrath; Paul Brian Murray; Stephen Francis O’Neill; Jonathon Owens; David George Rimmer; Graham John Roberts; Steven Jospeh Robinson; Inger Shah; Adam Edward Spearritt; David Leonard Thomas; Patrick John Thompson; Peter Francis Tootle; Christopher James Traynor; Kevin Tyrrell; Colin Wafer; Ian David Whelan; and Kevin Daniel Williams.

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