London’s Burning – A Riotous Retrospective

So it’s nearly the weekend, seven days since the riots in London began, and as the Londoners start the clear up maybe it’s time to clear up why this has happened.
Various politicians, tabloid and television media and social commentators of the day are all using the same old platitudes, boredom, bad parents, poverty, bad education, gang culture …. etc. well, you get the idea.
So it’s time for me to pitch in with my tuppence worth.
Firstly, the Politicians, there’s an old saying regarding stones and glass houses, please stop throwing stones, if you did not allow the bankers to play the biggest game of Monopoly with our money, this could have been avoided, if you had not stolen tax payers money, then denied any wrong doing, then this could have been avoided, if you persist with your lies and creating a “them and us” society then this will happen again. Cameron and Clegg have been speaking to the media and call for the public not to link these riots to the recent employment cuts, how stupid do they think we are? Of course they’re linked, the public have less jobs, even less money, thanks to the cuts and the bailouts, this all equates to a disenchanted angry public who will vent their anger at some point.
Also the Police need to have a look at how they handle situations like this, the Police force was set up to protect the public, these days they are there to protect the corporations, businesses and the rich, they can dress what they do up by explaining that they were protecting the community….. Bollocks, it was shown on TV they stood around watching shops, houses and cars burning without so much as a move to assist, the blame for the uncontrollable mob lies as much with these cowards as it does with the morons who took part in the riots and burned down their own communities, but more on them later, The Metropolitan Police force motto is “Working Together For A Safer London”, what they seem to have missed out is the ending which should be… “If You Can Afford It” they patrol the avenues of the rich, the rest of London can FUCK OFF.
Now on to the actual rioters themselves, now if the initial reports are to be believed then this started as a legitimate protest at the shooting of Mark Duggan, and the public have a right to do this, we do after all live in a democracy, remember, the same democracy we want to sell to the savages in the East who would benefit from our freedom, yes you do detect a bit of sarcasm there, but after the small amount of people who wanted to protest their anger at one of their community getting shot, their protest was mugged by some folk who were out to cause chaos and do no more than profit from the ensuing confusion. If the riots were directed at the Police, Banks, or Government buildings then I would have given it my full support, but as the pictures showed the rioters were only out to profit for themselves at any cost. But let’s analyse what actually caused this, the UK now is a country with high socio-economic inequality and high youth unemployment, coupled with the global economic crisis is it any wonder that tempers are fraying, this has little to do with a gang culture that is being blamed it is solely to do with a mass culture of profit, greed and consumerism, this is what we’ve been sold as the “perfect life”.
This is a global class war driven by bailing out the rich and shafting the poor, If these cunts treat us like pricks, then let’s fuck them good and proper, expect more rage and more violence but let’s vent it at the people responsible and not in our own communities and on our own people.
Anarchy, peace, Freedom, Equality