Taking The Fun Out Of Funeral

As many will know today saw us witness the complete and total waste of money, £10 million plus, we await the final figure, of Margaret Hilda “The Milk Snatcher” Thatcher, the scourge of the working class and destroyer of communities. I watched the whole proceedings hoping to see a mass protest of some sort at the least a few banners of derision, and hopefully to see the bitch burn at the end, what did we get? a watered down procession that always made sure we only saw her supporters and hear the guests gushing of what a great woman she was, I nearly choked on my own bile listening to all that bollocks. Did I expect anything less, no not really but we can dream, but I did expect to see more anti-thatcher coverage, but no such luck, There were the parties in Scotland though, some of the communities she destroyed decided to push the boat out and go for it.

Never Ever Forget!

Never Ever Forget!

But at least she has hopefully now been reduced to ashes and we will never see the likes of her again, but as long as there is a ruling class this will never happen, greed over need is the order of the day with governments and those in power, this must stop and we must regain some of our moral values back and make this a Country to be proud to live in without fear, prejudice and intimidation regardless of class creed or colour.

Now as ever, still hating, never forgiving, rot in hell.

‘Till the next time….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality




34 Years Too Late

Available for public viewing today Thatcher’s death certificate, official…….

Good Reading

Good Reading

Pity it wasn’t 34 years ago we might be in a better state than today.

Still hating, never stopping.

Rot In Hell

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Margaret – Death of a Revolutionary…. Bollocks!

I watched Martin Durkin’s documentary “Margaret – Death of a Revolutionary” shown on Channel 4 on Saturday.  The title intrigued me, could this be right? have I been wrong all along, did Maggie actually have my (our) best interests at heart, was she being cruel to be kind or just plain cruel as I have thought all along, the synopsis for the program reads as follows:

“Martin Durkin’s controversial thesis is that Margaret Thatcher was a working class revolutionary.  She believed that capitalism was in the interests of ordinary people, not the toffs. Many ordinary people agreed.  And that is why the left hated her so much – Margaret Thatcher stole the working class.”

 Sounds good I thought, I might learn something here, one hour and eleven minutes later, not only were my views not changed at all but, my mind was made up, she was still a hideous creature that should have been killed a long time ago.

The programme opened with some anti Thatcher views from both ends of the social spectrum Stephen Fry from the upper class, and Elvis Costello, from the working class giving an excerpt from his “Tramp The Dirt Down” song, then Mr Durkin tried to win us over by telling us she was just an ordinary working class girl from Grantham who gained a scholarship to Oxford, and then it started, the sycophantic rantings from all and sundry, Cecil Parkinson, Norman Tebbit, David Cameron, Bernard Ingham and the loathsome Kelvin MacKenzie, we’ll get round to that cunt later believe me.

Tales of how she was loathed by the stalwarts of the 1970’s Tory party for not being one of them and also a woman to boot, the audacity of the woman, this I believe was thrown in to try and get us “real” working class to show a bit of sympathy, not working Martin, a deluge of comments of how wonderful she was poured from the screen, until the introduction of Neil Kinnock, her opposition rival, now we’re going to hear some truths, I thought, how wrong I was, he relayed tales of what a strong willed woman she was and how she loved to debate and argue the point with her fellow “Honourable” colleagues, honourable what a crock of shit, if there ever was a word to describe a politician honourable ain’t one of them, but I digress, he continued to pour out a bunch of nothing until his last question which was, “Do you thing Mrs Thatcher’s policies were right and did they benefit the country?” his reply, after a few pauses was, thankfully “No”, at last Neil, Jesus, get a spine you fucking coward. Polly Toynbee’s contribution to the nays lasted all of two and a half minutes, that concluded the against comments, poor journalism to say the least, at least make an attempt to get all views, this is backed up by the fact that there were no comments from Miners, Steel Workers, or Dockers regarding the way their communities were raped by this abhorrent scab of a woman, no comments from ANY Scottish people, who’s entire country was ignored and then subsequently used as a testing ground for her loathsome Poll Tax, in fact the whole documentary focused on middle England, middle England’s middle class to be precise any one living north of the Watford gap could fuck off, their opinions would not be counted.

Now, enter Kelvin MacKenzie, remember this fucking piece of shit, the very person who attacked the Liverpool supporters after Hillsborough reporting that they were picking the pockets of the people as they lay dying, and hiding any evidence to the contrary, plus his heinous attacks on Scotland and the Scottish people, for no apparent reason other than we (I’m Scottish) did not agree with his beloved Tory parties policies or vote for his beloved Tory party at ANY election. This fat lying money grabbing piece of shit went on to praise everything that Thatcher did regardless of whether it was right or wrong, I swear when he smiled I caught a glimpse of  brown stains of Thatcher’s shit on his tongue after licking it clean for all those years, this cunt really has to die, the quicker the better he is nothing more than pond scum that has lied and cheated his way into money. 

There was also nothing repoted on the Poll Tax and the subsequent riots that brought her downfall, they did try and say the it was the Tory wets, the back benchers that came from money and didn’t agree with her policies that got rid of her but, truth be told it was us, the normal working class people of Britain, normal people sick and tired of her stealing money from us, oh, that and wrecking half of Central London in the process…. happy day, her party recognised that the people were sick and tired of that shit and didn’t want to be pushed out of Parliament by the people so they pushed her out to secure power.

And to finish off this blatant piece of Tory propaganda we went back to all the old Tories regaling us with all the stories of how she transformed this country and how Britain would have been destroyed by the Labour party and the Unions, blah blah blah.

What she actually did was create a free market to allow the rich to get richer and the poor get poorer and also chained into the system, if we owned something we would be less likely to fight back with the fear of losing it, giving her cart blanche to do what she wanted to. What she did was destroy any manufacturing industry we had and the communities that relied on them, her excuse for this: “I won’t be responsible for bailing out any non profit making industries, we must protect the wealth makers and not the wealth breakers”, 30 years or so on and what happened? we bailed out non profit making banks, who owns the banks? the fucking wealthy, how convenient. What she did was create the biggest North/South divide since God knows when and the biggest gap between the class system ever. What she did was bring working class brother to fight working class brother all in the name of greed and selfishness. What she ultimately did was create the grim future that our children all face, yes, they may now have the right to buy a house but at what price? few young people can afford the fucking deposit let alone the huge mortgages they have to take out, so we have inadvertently came full circle, no better off than we were before this so called “Working Class Revolutionary” came into power.

I still hate Thatcher.

Wise Words....

Wise Words….

I hate what she did to this Country, I hate the people she made, the Yuppies, and all the big city dealers.

I hate the way she turned the working class against each other.

I hate the way she destroyed our industries without shedding a tear.

I hate the lying, the deceit and the war that she created in order to stay in power.

I hate her for the needless deaths that occurred during her governance.

I hated hearing her voice, and seeing her face, and I will continue to hate her until the day I die, finally I hate what she turned me into, I would never wish death on anyone, but what she did to this country is inexcusable and I am unapologetic for the hatred towards this woman that I have vented since 1979. I am grateful for only one thing, I lived to see her die, this gives me an inordinate amount of pleasure and look forward to the funeral so I can vent some more venom her way.

Rot in Hell.

‘Till the next time………

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

The Death Of Thatcher – 24 Hours Later

So the dust has settled after the initial good news was broken yesterday over the death of Thatcher, so what are my feelings now the initial excitement dissipated, well,  nothing really, but what I will say is there does seem to be an empty hole in my hate bank, I have given up so much of my time protesting against all of her policies or wishing pain against her and her family, and let me tell you that is not me, I would never wish hurt or pain on any creature on the planet whether it be human or animal, but this evil creature has been at the core of any injustice that has befallen my life, first she takes my first job from me, aged 7, I was a milk monitor at primary school, I had a badge and a sash and a sense of worth as I provided the milk during the break for my fellow pupils, this was taken from me when she decided to save the country money in 1971, this should have been the first warning that this woman was out to ruin me.

I left school in 1980, 1 year after she came to power, what waited me when I walked out the school gates, a fucking unemployment line that she told us that was inherited from the Labour Party, so instead of shortening this queue what did she do, expand it to over 3,000,000, meaning i was only eligible for the new Youth Opportunities Scheme, paying a massive £23.50 per week and giving you the opportunity of….. you’ve guessed it fuck all, slave labour was all that was, but against all odds I did manage to procure a full time job (a big thanks does go out to my girlfriend at the time, now my lovely wife of 28 years for getting me an interview) with British Steel, it was dirty, dangerous, and hard work but, it paid well and I made a bunch of new friends, but look who’s out to make cuts again, yeah you’ve guessed it Thatcher, not content to close the cole mines she was out to get us steel workers and she closed down the Clydesdale Tube Plant, on the scrap heap again and this time there were over 7000 trying to procure a handful of jobs in the community, that’s two strikes to Thatcher, no pun intended there as I had been on strike with the steel workers on two occasions and supported my mining brothers as and when required, unite and fight!

The next big thing to affect me, and the country as a whole it should be said, was the Poll Tax, this made my blood boil, whatever strides my wife and I made to better ourselves by scrimping and saving in order to provide for our two lovely daughters was now being targeted by this bitch in the form of an unjust taxation, to cap it all it was being tested only in Scotland, are you fucking kidding me!, it was at this time I set about being heavily involved in the local Anti Poll Tax groups and Class War, any excuse to attack a Sheriff Officer was pounced upon, don’t get me started on that bunch of scum, their as bad as a strike scab taking from their own kind, but I digress, I went on protest march after protest march and meetings, leafleting and selling copies of Class War to try and open up peoples eyes to this bullshit we were being asked to accept, but the Scottish people were very apathetic, much to my surprise I did expect a higher volume of the populace to reject this and did not see this tax lasting a year let alone being introduced in England, but as we all now know it was and we had to converge on the capital, London, the home of Parliament, Maggie’s home turf, well, we protested, peacefully at first and when her lackey’s the Police decided to get a bit heavy handed, well, you know the rest, we rampaged across London, beating up police, smashing widows of Banks and building societies and of course the obligatory McDonalds or two got it as well, the jewel in the crown was setting South Africa House on fire, cool, kill apartheid as well, job done.


So after a few months after the Poll Tax riot Thatcher was forced out of number 10 and we were rid of this odious creature once and for all, now all that I was waiting for was her death, which came far too late and if I’m totally honest was a complete disappointment, she died peacefully and with dementia, she should have went with all her senses intact and died an excruciatingly painful death, just as she inflicted pain and suffering on all the working class communities and families in her reign of terror.

So as you can see I don’t feel any sense of sadness towards her death, and myself and the generation that fought her and the Tory party’s policies should never shed any tears for her for she shed none for us or the poor soldiers that she had murdered in the Falklands war she created in order to secure a second term in office, so good riddance to bad rubbish and may we never see the likes of you again.


Rot In Hell

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

The Wright Stuff Supports Thatcher

My wife recorded today’s episode of Channel 4’s The Wright Stuff, the reason, they were discussing the party pack’s being sold at the recent TUC conference, party packs to help celebrate Thatcher’s death, and they are titled, “Ding Dong, Thatchers Gone” and each pack includes balloons, party poppers, indoor fireworks, whistles and invites to hand out to your friends, all in all everything you need to get the party started. The guests involved in the show were Terry Christian, Sally Bercow and Coleen Nolan, Wright began with a sycophantic diatribe in support of Thatcher describing her as a frail 86 year old woman with senile dementia and did not warrant this type of abuse, she should be treated with respect. What a load of bollocks, did this evil bitch show compassion for all the pensioners she allowed to freeze to death during her reign in power ?, did she fuck, did she show compassion for all the steel workers, dockers and miners she put out of work ? did she fuck, did she show compassion for the working class communities she destroyed ? did she fuck, did she show compassion for the 96 football fans killed at Hillsborough stadium and the police who lied in their reports to cover up their mistakes ? did she fuck. Remember people this is the same woman who called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, the same woman who supported a modern day fascist in General Pinochet, a murdering, torturing oppressor, and let’s not forget she created the Yuppie, scum of the earth money grabbing fuckers that are to blame for the financial situation today. And we should show her some compassion and sympathy due to her age and medical condition, yeah, fucking right Matthew, the quicker this odious evil witch dies the better, of course this won’t right all the wrongs she’s committed, but it sure will make me feel better that she’s pushing up the daisies.
The only comments I could agree with on the show was the party pack was indeed infantile, but, each to their own. I feel the reason that Wright was keen to stick up for Thatcher was, as he says, “I’m very good friends with one of her children, he didn’t say who but I reckon it would be the daughter as she is in the journalism game, I doubt it would be Mark, remember him, the dopey fucker that got lost in the desert while playing racing driver, no one would admit to being friends with him, dopey cunt.
It makes my blood boil when I hear any type of support for this evil bitch, and I for one will be celebrating her demise, as my old friends at Class War say “Trafalgar Square, We’ll Be There, first Saturday After Thatcher’s Death” and I will make a pilgrimage to her grave and I will be sure to gulp down a 2 litre bottle of juice just so I’ve plenty piss to evacuate from my bladder on to her rotting carcass.
Come on Maggie do the right thing stop fucking breathing.

‘Till the next time……….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality