Your The One For Me Fatty !

BBC News this morning had Health Minister Anne Milton on discussing the obesity problem in the UK and what measures the Government are doing to combat this epidemic. She was asked why just obesity, why not smoking and alcohol, her reply was, the Government want to have the UK totally non smoking and are working towards that goal, but food and alcohol were totally different as we all require to eat to survive. Well Anne, yes this is true but why dodge the alcohol issue, abuse of alcohol in this country has reached huge proportions in all age groups, we constantly hear of news reports about the teenage alcohol problem let alone the other age ranges, alcohol abuse in the UK costs the country £25 billion per year, that’s £415 per man woman and child in Britain, tax generated from alcohol equates to £8.2 billion per year, I’m no accountant but these figures do not match up, add this to the deaths brought on by alcohol abuse, which has steadily risen over the years, why then do the government not do something about this ? Because if we, the great unwashed, are in a constantly catatonic state and are slowly killing ourselves then they need not worry, as long as we don’t do it in their areas. If they can’t see it they can pretend it does not exist.
The obesity issue is something else though, this does affect the rich fuckers as well as the poor, this is why the Government are required to step in, god forbid Lord (make mine a pie supper) Prescott die of obesity, well that can’t happen can it, he’s fuckin’ bulimic…… Don’t make me laugh.
Obesity in the UK is reaching epidemic proportions and we do have to address the issue, in 2009 there were 757 deaths directly related to obesity, let alone the rising NHS cost currently estimated at £2 billion per year and rising. Convenience food, fast food and junk food are all getting the blame, is the food itself to blame ? Hell no, having a balanced diet means you can eat some of the food that is supposedly bad for you, crap in, crap out, or in this case crap in, crap stays in coupled with lack of exercise for the vast majority of overweight people means we will never be healthy, the majority of overweight people are so because they are lazy, they breed lazy children, and they in turn believe this to be the norm and will continue the process, education into healthy eating should be started in schools and this will be a beginning to eradicate this avoidable issue.
A healthy lifestyle needs to be worked on, it’s not easy if your not used to it but with a little patience and some work it can be done. If we tried something radical for example, get healthy, get fit and then let’s march on Parliament and show the rich and powerful we are a force to be reckoned with, this would have them quaking in their boots, but while we are all fat alcoholics stuck in a rut we have no one to blame but ourselves.