Class War – 2015 Elections, It’s Going To Get Messy

No War But The Class War

No War But The Class War

Some people might remember us street urchins from the 80’s, we were and still are: Class War, we sold our unruly tabloid, created mayhem in the streets, we even got branded by the Sunday People as the most dangerous group in the UK for targeting the rich and famous, namely the EastEnders stars who were buying up working class properties in London for profit, fast forward 30 odd years and now we are a registered political party ready to fight, and I do mean fight, in the general election 2015, have we went soft ? Have we fuck, we still want working class equality, we still want the rich out of our communities, we still want the Monarchy abolished and we still want the public school system smashed, and foremost we still stand by our motto “By Any Means Necessary” although we are taking to the regulated political forum to get our voices heard we are as unruly and noisy as we were before.

Election Skull Alternative

I am a prospective candidate for Class War for the Renfrewshire East constituency, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would stand in an election, considering I have never voted in one, until they get a “none of the above” box to show our contempt for politicians I will continue to waste my vote by writing “Liars, Cheats & Thieves” across my ballot paper.  but now we have a party who we can vote for, a party who we know stand up for real working class issues that affect real working class people without the bullshit that the mainstream politicians adhere to. Just look at recent events in the political world we have the Labour Party siding with the Conservatives on Austerity measures resulting in a further £30 billion of cuts due, they sided with them on keeping Trident another £100 billion down the tubes and they also voted with them on Fracking rights, if these are the actions of a so called “Working Class” party then we are all fucked, there is now no alternative when the parties merge into one, they are all out to gain profit from the people they are supposed to represent and the companies that sponsor them, you just need to look at the expenses scandal to see this, politicians these days have no morals whatsoever.

The main competition I have in my Constituency is Jim Murphy, Scottish Labour party leader, he does have a large majority in that area but hopefully due to his ridiculous campaigning in the Scottish referendum and his two faced attitude to his constituents will mean that this majority will be slashed considerably. This muppet tried to win the peoples hearts by touring the area and standing on an Irn Bru crate (a popular soft drink in Scotland, our other national drink the makers tell us) and spouting platitudes about why we would be better together, this prick was heckled in nearly every area he went to speak, You Tube videos confirm this, he seems to think that Labour will win the day for just being Labour, the old guard will come out and save the day for Mr Murphy, I don’t believe that it will be as cut and dried as that, the people are getting wise to his lies and two faced attitude to policies that affect the working class in this area. We are also getting sick and tired of topping up politicians salaries with expenses.

Do we really want this prick representing us for another four years ? let’s look at his track record:

Jim Murphy voted for the Iraq War and voted against the investigation into the Iraq War.
he voted against laws to promote equality and human rights.
he voted against having less MPs at Westminster.
he voted for ID Cards to be introduced.
he didn’t bother to turn up to vote to scrap the bedroom tax.
he didn’t bother to turn up to vote to recognise the state of Palestine. he has claimed over £1 MILLION in expenses since 2001, he rents out his London home while claiming £20,000 in housing costs for another home he rents in London, and he nominates his constituency home in Glasgow as second home, where he claimed £780 a month mortgage interest payments in 2007-08,he also claimed £4,884 for bathroom renovation from B&Q but paid just £3,499 back into allowance.

Is this the actions of someone who has the peoples interest at heart, IS IT FUCK, he is a parasite, a drain on our society, he has no plans to save the NHS, he has no plans to raise employment, he has no plans to introduce a mansion tax, he has no plans to raise the taxation for the rich and wealthy that constantly take and give fuck all back, he does however want to continue to hold the nuclear threat over us, he does want the poorest of our society to remain so, he does want the richest in our society to remain so and he does only want to look out for himself.

Wankers !

Wankers !

Class War will continue to fight against all inequality against the working class regardless of the results in the election that IS guaranteed, we are still essentially a grassroots organisation that has only one goal, to rid our society of inequality in wealth, we want a level playing field within which we can build decent communities that don’t rely on the people begging for state handouts, starving people relying on food banks to feed a family, we don’t want to fear for the struggling NHS we want to be able to care for our sick and infirm, we need to utilize derelict houses in order to house the homeless, there are enough buildings to house everyone, we only need to pull together to make this happen.

My message to Jim Murphy is, the game is up, we are wise to your lies and theft, and we are sick of you siding with the very party that has put us in this state we are in, namely the Tory party, you are nothing but a red Tory, you want to cheat the working class into voting for you so you can live the life of the rich and privileged you want to aspire to. It’s time your reign ended.

Winning !

Winning !

For further information on Class War Party please go here:

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality and May 7th Vote Class War…. Because ALL the other candidates are scum.


34 Years Too Late

Available for public viewing today Thatcher’s death certificate, official…….

Good Reading

Good Reading

Pity it wasn’t 34 years ago we might be in a better state than today.

Still hating, never stopping.

Rot In Hell

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Foxy Dealings Within The MoD

I had started writing about the Liam Fox debacle a few days ago but never finished it, the resignation of Dr Fox reminded me of the unfinished article so here goes……. Sleazy dealings look like making a come back within the Tory party, Defence Secretary Liam Fox had secret meetings with his former flat mate and best man Adam Werritty in Dubai. Werritty has visions of grandeur by claiming on his business card that he is an advisor to Dr Fox, this could not be further from the truth, he has never been vetted by the MoD. Dr Fox has broken the Code of Ministerial Meetings by seeing Werritty in Dubai, alone without any other parliamentary advisors.

Foxy Fucker

Fox Fucks Up

With Dr Fox being the minister for defence opens up a whole load of issues, the top one being national security, when a person of this stature meets individuals who have vested interests in companies who would like to supply the country with security products and services, in secret, leads us all to believe shady dealings are afoot, and this is no different.

Fox has now resigned and an enquiry is being set up to investigate the actual goings on and how it could have affected national security, as always Fox has appeared in Parliament apologising about his conduct and the usual sincere face on, but you can see into his sleazy beady eyes that this weasel does not mean one word of it, like all politicians that get caught out they think a simple apology will appease the masses, well fuck you Fox, you got caught, you will more than likely tell lies to cover your slimy arse and your mate as well, your other slimy politician friends will get you a new position somewhere and you will continue where you left off, pulling the wool over the public’s eyes in order to line your pockets, I for one will never trust  politician and these continuous acts of deceit perpetuate my hatred for all governors of power.

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Another Fat Cat Freed Early

Shamed MP Elliot Morley has been freed 4 months into his 16 month sentence for expense fraud. What the fuck is going on here ? obviously we need the prison space for the recent rioters, so how do we do that ? let the rich fuckers out first, get a fucking grip judges, let these cunts rot in their own feces, god knows they deserve it.

In total, Morley claimed £16,800 on a bogus mortgage and £15,200 after inflating the amount he was previously paying, which he should have been entitled to only £1,572. On sentencing Mr Justice Saunders said he was guilty of “blatant dishonesty” and had “thrown away his good name and character”. Fuck off Judge, good name and character, your having a laugh, the fat, greedy, lying, cheating, thieving bastard is a politician, he never had a good name to begin with.

Morley - Another Fat, Cheating Cunt Goes Free

To release this cunt early is a travesty, the politicians that have been imprisoned over their theft of public money by fraudulent means should spend the full term in prison, after all these deceitful bastards would happily dole out larger sentences on the normal man in the street, again it shows the “One law for them” attitude is still rife. hopefully this fucker will never work again and be treated like the criminal he is, remember if you see this cheating fraudster in your area, remember to let him, and others in the vicinity,  know what a fucking rotter he actually is.

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Obama Announces US Deficit Cut Plans

President Obama yesterday announced plans to reduce America’s debt, this involves a controversial tax rise for the rich and wealthy and cutting Medicare health plans. President Obama said:

Obama Ponders, how to start the Class War

“the wealthy and corporations should pay their “fair share” to cut the deficit” he went on to add “Middle-class families shouldn’t pay higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires,” he said. “It’s hard to argue against that”

He finished of by saying “It’s not class warfare, it’s math.”

As much as I agree with what Obama is trying to do, I do disagree with his last statement, It’s not math, THIS IS CLASS WAR, it always has been and until capitalism dies, it always will be. Until we rid ourselves of the shackles of a grossly unfair monitory system we will always have differences in class structure, the “haves” will always taunt the “have Nots” and use them to fulfill their needs, without actually paying them what their worth, for the sole reason of “keeping them in their place”

Coming To A Street Near You !

Bit by Bit the working class will start to fight back, well, look at the recent riots in England, the rumblings are there and they will only get bigger, as will the Class War movement, we are sick to fucking death of the privileged classes shiting all over us, we used to disrupt the Henley Regatta’s in the 80’s, let me tell you it’s funny as fuck watching the uber posh running scared as we ran through their party, we likened it to their fox hunting, this was our version, only difference was we didn’t skin any fucker we caught. The rich put up with the working class so long as they can control them in an environment such as their kitchen, or cleaning for them, but god forbid we have any thoughts of our own and try and act on them, and boy do they get miffed when we gather in areas where they wish to congregate. We must devistate the avenues where the wealthy live.

This is Class War, we will take the power from you by any means necessary, it might take a while but we will win. Obama you’re heritage is being part of an oppressed race, the African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, and all other minority races in America are looking to you to change the status quo while you are in power, and, I do think that you are making a small step towards change, the Republicans don’t like your proposals and vow to stop any proposal you put forward, but I support what you are trying to do, any money taken from the wealthy cannot be bad.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Moron MP Moran’s Magistrates Manifestation

Shamed MP for Luton, Margaret Moran has appeared in court accused of illegally claiming £80,000 in parliamentary expenses, not one charge but 15 different charges ranging from fraud to false accounting.

Go Straight To Jail - Thieving Cow

At last these thieving bastards are getting brought to justice, hopefully she will get the full punishment she rightfully deserves, but I fear she will get a lighter sentence just as her cohorts Lords Hanningfield and Taylor, got let out of jail early. It’s all very well starting expensive court cases against these lying, cheating, thieving bastards, but not to follow through with them serving the full sentence or giving them the correct fines is morally wrong and this is what angers the public, much in the same way as the bankers have gotten away with their theft of public money.

As soon as harsh sentences are doled out and terms kept then maybe the scumbag politicians might just think before they steal from the very people that they depend on to put them into office.

‘Till the next time…….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Lords Dodge Expense Fraud – Bastards

Lords Taylor and Hanningfield have been released from prison early. The two peers jailed for Parliamentary expense fraud, Hanningfield got sent down for 9 months for embezzling £14,000 claiming they were for overnight stays, and Taylor got 1 year for falsely claiming £11,277, the hooray Henry’s were released with a curfew and being electronically tagged after serving 1 third of their sentences, shocking to say the least.

The two Lords still don’t admit to any wrong doing, both claiming that “it’s an accepted practice amongst Members of the Lords”. What a ludicrous claim, from two supposedly intelligent, upstanding members of the system. This is what has angered the British public. between these robbing fuckers and the Banking community raping our finances is it any wonder that we’re angry. Will any of the rioters who seized an opportunity of liberating some goods from stores get released early, will they fuck, they will be left to complete their sentences, unlike these silver spoon fed arse holes, who are given every opportunity handed to them on a plate, but this is not enough, they have to steal from the less fortunate to boost their ever increasing wealth.

Hanningfield and Taylor, what a pair of wankers.







Just take a look at their smug faces, knowing they have gotten away with theft, if this had been any normal working class employee, we would have lost a lot more that just our pride, our jobs would have been taken away from us before we could blink. These fuckers deserve to rot in jail for the full term of their sentences and more, it is further proof that their is definitely one law for them and one for us. Once again I plead to the great British public, stop voting for politicians, today’s MP is tomorrow’s Lord, let’s kick these parasitic bastards out, stop them living the life of luxury at our expense.