Class War – 2015 Elections, It’s Going To Get Messy

No War But The Class War

No War But The Class War

Some people might remember us street urchins from the 80’s, we were and still are: Class War, we sold our unruly tabloid, created mayhem in the streets, we even got branded by the Sunday People as the most dangerous group in the UK for targeting the rich and famous, namely the EastEnders stars who were buying up working class properties in London for profit, fast forward 30 odd years and now we are a registered political party ready to fight, and I do mean fight, in the general election 2015, have we went soft ? Have we fuck, we still want working class equality, we still want the rich out of our communities, we still want the Monarchy abolished and we still want the public school system smashed, and foremost we still stand by our motto “By Any Means Necessary” although we are taking to the regulated political forum to get our voices heard we are as unruly and noisy as we were before.

Election Skull Alternative

I am a prospective candidate for Class War for the Renfrewshire East constituency, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would stand in an election, considering I have never voted in one, until they get a “none of the above” box to show our contempt for politicians I will continue to waste my vote by writing “Liars, Cheats & Thieves” across my ballot paper.  but now we have a party who we can vote for, a party who we know stand up for real working class issues that affect real working class people without the bullshit that the mainstream politicians adhere to. Just look at recent events in the political world we have the Labour Party siding with the Conservatives on Austerity measures resulting in a further £30 billion of cuts due, they sided with them on keeping Trident another £100 billion down the tubes and they also voted with them on Fracking rights, if these are the actions of a so called “Working Class” party then we are all fucked, there is now no alternative when the parties merge into one, they are all out to gain profit from the people they are supposed to represent and the companies that sponsor them, you just need to look at the expenses scandal to see this, politicians these days have no morals whatsoever.

The main competition I have in my Constituency is Jim Murphy, Scottish Labour party leader, he does have a large majority in that area but hopefully due to his ridiculous campaigning in the Scottish referendum and his two faced attitude to his constituents will mean that this majority will be slashed considerably. This muppet tried to win the peoples hearts by touring the area and standing on an Irn Bru crate (a popular soft drink in Scotland, our other national drink the makers tell us) and spouting platitudes about why we would be better together, this prick was heckled in nearly every area he went to speak, You Tube videos confirm this, he seems to think that Labour will win the day for just being Labour, the old guard will come out and save the day for Mr Murphy, I don’t believe that it will be as cut and dried as that, the people are getting wise to his lies and two faced attitude to policies that affect the working class in this area. We are also getting sick and tired of topping up politicians salaries with expenses.

Do we really want this prick representing us for another four years ? let’s look at his track record:

Jim Murphy voted for the Iraq War and voted against the investigation into the Iraq War.
he voted against laws to promote equality and human rights.
he voted against having less MPs at Westminster.
he voted for ID Cards to be introduced.
he didn’t bother to turn up to vote to scrap the bedroom tax.
he didn’t bother to turn up to vote to recognise the state of Palestine. he has claimed over £1 MILLION in expenses since 2001, he rents out his London home while claiming £20,000 in housing costs for another home he rents in London, and he nominates his constituency home in Glasgow as second home, where he claimed £780 a month mortgage interest payments in 2007-08,he also claimed £4,884 for bathroom renovation from B&Q but paid just £3,499 back into allowance.

Is this the actions of someone who has the peoples interest at heart, IS IT FUCK, he is a parasite, a drain on our society, he has no plans to save the NHS, he has no plans to raise employment, he has no plans to introduce a mansion tax, he has no plans to raise the taxation for the rich and wealthy that constantly take and give fuck all back, he does however want to continue to hold the nuclear threat over us, he does want the poorest of our society to remain so, he does want the richest in our society to remain so and he does only want to look out for himself.

Wankers !

Wankers !

Class War will continue to fight against all inequality against the working class regardless of the results in the election that IS guaranteed, we are still essentially a grassroots organisation that has only one goal, to rid our society of inequality in wealth, we want a level playing field within which we can build decent communities that don’t rely on the people begging for state handouts, starving people relying on food banks to feed a family, we don’t want to fear for the struggling NHS we want to be able to care for our sick and infirm, we need to utilize derelict houses in order to house the homeless, there are enough buildings to house everyone, we only need to pull together to make this happen.

My message to Jim Murphy is, the game is up, we are wise to your lies and theft, and we are sick of you siding with the very party that has put us in this state we are in, namely the Tory party, you are nothing but a red Tory, you want to cheat the working class into voting for you so you can live the life of the rich and privileged you want to aspire to. It’s time your reign ended.

Winning !

Winning !

For further information on Class War Party please go here:

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality and May 7th Vote Class War…. Because ALL the other candidates are scum.

War Inc. At It Again

A new bombing campaign was voted for in Parliament a couple of days ago to rid us and the Iraqi people of the threat of ISIL/ISIS, now correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Tony Blair start an illegal war back in 2003 telling us that this would stop this type of thing happening in the future? I think he did.

Just on a side note I still constantly piss myself laughing that he became the EU reprasentative as a Middle East Envoy, fuckin’ classic.

Anyway, what the fuck is going on here, we arm ISIL/ISIS in order to fight some other middle eastern people who don’t like the west, then ISIL/ISIS decide to turn on the countries who want them out, the other countries call on the west to assist in this, problem being we don’t necessarily like or agree with these countries governmental policy, but, we do like their association with Saudi Arabia, and do NOT want to piss them off, if we do who will we buy our oil from, who will we sell our luxury goods to, and most importantly who will buy masses and masses of our weapons.

Stop The War

Stop The War

So, again we sell these countries weapons and ammunition in order to kill and maim their enemies, their enemies might be friends of ours so we then arm them to fight back, double kerching for the Department of Defense and the arms dealers, next stage is the countries involved in conflict are then tasked with rebuilding their towns and cities, more than likely they will contact our government to assist with this, creating more wealth for our UK warmongers and supporters, meanwhile the innocent citizens from these countries are left to deal with the devastation of lost homes, loved ones and stability.

In his speech David Cameron stated the this conflict “could last for years if not decades”, and if the figures are to be believed it could cost up to £3 billion to finance it, how much of that money could be used to fight poverty in the UK? He also stated that the new campaign has nothing to do with the pervious conflict that war criminal Blair led us into, well this is a bunch of lies, he also stated that “this conflict cannot be solved by perceived grievances over western foreign policies, nor can it be solved by dealing with poverty, dictatorship, or instability in the region” What fucking absolute bullshit, it is poverty, dictatorships and instability that has brought this situation about, the west has created this instability by bombing the shit out of their country and killing their people 11 years ago, this in turn has produced poverty, land which was used for growing crops  now house minefields, sanitation has went to shit, if you pardon the pun, and a new dictator has been put in place, a new dictator that has been sanctioned by the west to control the people and to bring more wealth to the west mind you, it’s simple economics, that’s how a capitalist system works, keep the poor controlled, keep the wealthy rich and in power.

Burn The Rich

Burn The Rich

My message to David Cameron is, Britain is not under direct threat from ISIS/ISIL, why? because they do not operate in our country, they do not occupy our country, period, they have occupied countries that you want to do business with, countries that you want to exploit in the name of capitalism, the British citizens that have defected to these terrorist organizations are a direct result of your neglect to include them as part of British culture, you continually harass them for their skin colour and religious beliefs and then wonder why they feel left out! The biggest threat to your government and power is us the normal british people, you know that your policies neglect our needs, you have allowed our industries to be closed creating mass unemployment, you have eroded our National Health Service to the point of destruction, you have sold off all our publicly owned businesses and we are getting sick and tired of it and WE can end your reign of power, and it scares you shitless that there could be a revolution in your own country perpetrated by you and your like and the revolution will be fought by normal working class people which little or nothing to lose, so, how do you protect this? by using scare tactics, war, terrorism, drugs, and tell us that these things are all out there threatening our simple way of life, but don’t worry, your friendly politician will take all these scary things away from you, just let us do what we want and you can settle down to watch the latest episode of Coronation Street or some other mind numbing TV show, play your computer games, just don’t take any interest in what we do, stay at home, don’t come out, it’s too scary for you, they try to keep us subservient don’t allow us to question anything, do that and everything will be OK.


Wankers !

Wankers !

Well it’s not OK, our country is fucked, we are all fucking sick of it and it will result in your downfall, we do have a voice, we won’t stay off the streets, we won’t remain quiet, in fact quite the opposite, one day we will reclaim the streets, we will reclaim the jobs that are rightfully ours and we will rebuild our Health Service that the people of Britain deserve.

No War but The Class War

’till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Fuckin’ Frack Off

A week after Scotland voted No in the independence referendum after added devolution powers were promised today it was announced by the UK Government that they are to remove the rights of householders to object to oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing beneath their homes, this controversial process commonly known as Fracking, this will include householders in Scotland, and despite 99 per cent of respondents to the UK Government consultation on the proposals objecting to them.

What does it mean for me and you, well fracking companies will have legal rights to drill below people’s land without first negotiating a right of access.

Scotland’s Energy Minister Fergus Ewing did officially object to the proposals and has condemned the decision, and has called for the key powers relating to this issue to be devolved to Scotland as part of the current devolution process. This would allow unconventional oil and gas exploration in Scotland to be considered in a cautious, considered and evidence-based way, as opposed to the “gung-ho” approach of the UK Government.

Commenting Mr Ewing said:

“The UK Government failure to listen to our concerns is of great worry. That they have also failed to listen to 99 per cent of respondents to their own consultation just emphasises their “gung-ho” approach to the whole issue of fracking. We strongly believe that decisions on oil and gas drilling should be made by the people who live in Scotland, through the Parliament and Government they elected.

“UK Government proposals to remove the right of Scottish householders to object to drilling under their homes, without so much as debate in the Scottish Parliament, flies in the face of Scotland’s cautious, considered and evidence based approach on this issue. It is also fundamentally an issue affecting land ownership rights.

“Whatever your view on the issue of unconventional oil and gas – and it is clear that there are both opportunities and concerns – there is only one way that the people of Scotland can determine the approach in Scotland – including beneath their homes and land. That is with the devolution of the necessary powers to Scotland and the current devolution process for the “extensive new powers” promised in the vow should include these powers.

Fuck Fracking, Burn The Rich

Fuck Fracking, Burn The Rich

What is “Fracking” and why should we be concerned, fracking also called “hydraulic fracturing,” is a destructive process that drilling companies use to extract natural gas and oil from rock that lies deep underground. They drill a deep well and inject millions of gallons of toxic fracking fluid – a mix of water, sand and harsh chemicals – at a high enough pressure to fracture the rock and release the oil or gas.

Fracking is exempt from major environmental laws, including the Safe Drinking Water Act, and spills and accidents are far too common.
Each drilling well requires 400 tankers of water and other supplies, these supplies being transported all around the country by road in trucks powered by fossil fuel, so the supposedly environmentally green fuel uses old fuel methods to begin the process, yeah, very environmentally friendly.
It takes up to 8 million gallons of water to complete each fracture job, this water is then mixed with sand and chemicals to create the “fracking fluid”, 40,000 gallons of chemicals are used in this process, some of the chemicals used in this process (up to 600 different chemicals are used in the mixture) include: Lead, Uranium, Mercury, Ethylene Glycol, Methanol, Hydrochloric Acid and Formaldehyde. yummy.
After a forcing job has been completed methane gas and other toxic chemicals can leak from the pipeline and contaminate ground water supplies, water supplies that can be used for human consumption, still convinced that this is a green fuel source?
It has been found that methane concentration is 17 times higher in drinking water near wells at fracturing sites than normal wells located away from them, in the USA 1000 cases of contaminated water supplies have been found next to areas of drilling causing cases of sensory, respiratory and neurological damage by ingestion, this drilling practice sounds better by the minute eh folks? definitely no danger there.
At the end of the drilling process only 30 – 50% of the fracturing fluid is recovered, the rest is left in the ground and is NOT biodegradable, whoopee, sounds as clean and safe as nuclear power.
Waste fluid that is recovered is left in open pits to evaporate releasing harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the atmosphere creating contaminated air, acid rain and ground level ozone.

Fight Fracking

Fight Fracking

Still convinced that this process is as green and necessary as the Government makes out? OK figures show that up to 300,000 barrels of gas can be produced from one well, but at what cost? environmental disaster, structural damage to the ground that our houses, businesses and schools are all built upon, human disease and long term health hazards, all sounds fucking great, where do I sign up!

All joking aside, this is a fucked up process all geared up to make government officials and the fracking companies very, very rich, all at our expense, in the future what do our children and grandchildren have to look forward to? deformed new born babies due to contaminated drinking water while pregnant, sterility in males resulting in reduced population in the coming years, vast areas of countryside polluted, urban areas polluted to the extent that they become uninhabitable, the list goes on.
Contact your local councillor, your local MP, form local anti fracking groups, meet up, march, sign any and all petitions regardless if they are doing this in your area, it just might come, most of all be vocal against fracking.

Further details on fracking, and online petitions can be found at these links:


And last but not least for all you Facebook addicts there is a page here:

Let’s tell the Government and the fracking companies to “Frack Off” we don’t want their poisonous drilling in our area and our country, be vocal, be violent, be disruptive, foremost let’s be successful.

’till the next time….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Racism Rears It’s Ugly Head….. Again

This week a study into racial prejudice was released and the figures are quite frankly shocking, figures of people openly admitting to being racially prejudiced showed that one third of British citizens admitted to being prejudiced, this to me is abhorrent. One of the more shocking statistics showed that it was not just down to the usual moronic working class skinhead but educated middle class professionals now showed a racist attitude, these people should know better. Another thing that has shocked me is a UKIP candidate was elected in my own country (Scotland), I expected more from my fellow countrymen, to elect one of this party’s candidates is a travesty, this party does not only show racist tendencies but also sexist views, why anyone with half a brain would vote for them is beyond me.

Back to the rise in racism in Britain, what really makes me laugh is, the BNP, UKIP, Britain First and the likes all base their policies on getting immigration down, stop Johnny Foreigner stealing our jobs, that’s a fucking laugh in itself due to the fact that most of these idiots screaming for deportation of the immigrants are unemployed in the first place, but I digress, our so called “patriotic” parties march and campaign under the union flag and allegiance to the Queen, do these mindless fuckers not realize that our Queen (Gawd Bless you Ma’am) is fucking German, and her hubby, the hapless Duke of Edinburgh is Greek, the very people they look up to and would fight for are fucking foreign, being an Anti Royalist I would happily send these leeches back to their respective countries in a minute, I’ll fucking drive them to the airport myself.


UKIP leader Farage himself has a German wife for fuck sake, surely she’s an immigrant stealing a British job, and yet the UKIP supporters turn a blind eye to the outright hypocracy that contaminates the political system, and not just the fascist parties. If most of the racists that are members of these parties and follow the hype traced their family tree’s I’m pretty sure they would find they are not the blond haired, blue eyed Aryans they would like to believe they are, even the religion they follow is not English they pray to a Jewish deity for Christ sake (no pun intended), they more than likely drive a foreign car, wear clothes produced in the far east, eat curries, both Chinese and Indian, and yet they they are so blinded by hatred that they can’t see the irony in their fight for racial purity.

This is one planet, we are all human beings, if we helped one another to make the place a better place to live in instead of hating each other because we have a different colour skin or pray to a different god then we would advance as a race, instead we allow these fucking halfwits to influence us to have a view that should be completley alien to us, as children we know no colour difference, we know no religious difference, children only see others as people, why do we allow this innocence to be lost? It’s up to us all to spread the message of Anti Fascism, just as we did in the 70’s with the Anti Nazi movement, let’s eradicate racism to the realms of history, and allow the human race to prosper the way it should do.


‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Woolwich Murder Madness

Last Wednesday afternoon a Soldier was brutally attacked and killed in broad daylight and just before the tea time rush, two men were responsible for the attack and one of the men, his hands covered in blood, holding a blood stained machete confronted a bystander who was filming the event, and surprise surprise he starts preaching Islamic rhetoric about how the West should remove the troops from Islamic countries and that our Governments do not care about us, he went on to say:

“We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you.

We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

He went on to say: “I apologise that women had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same.”

The strange thing about the last statement is the part “In our land our women have to see the same” the man spoke in a broad London accent no trace of him being from foreign climes, and according to reports he was an Islamic convert during his student years, so it begs the question, what land is he talking about? It would seem that he has never left the UK, so again some more religious bollocks being spouted by some moron who cannot think for themselves, this is the problem with religious zealots they can quote religious mantras until the cows (sacred or otherwise) come home but are incapable of forming coherent rational thoughts of their own accord, they depend on whatever leader they have to fill their heads with any reasoning that can justify their actions. I have said it before and I will say it again, Religion has no part in a 21st Century world, it was created to keep people in fear and by using imaginary deities to control the masses, we can prove there is no God through our advances in science so we should therefore eradicate religion in the same way we eradicated the Plague.

It is a frightening enough situation to think that these evil minded blinkered religious nut cases are roaming our streets but what it also does is give fuel to the fire of patriotic jingoism from the likes of Nigel Farage, of the UK Independent party and Nick Griffen of the BNP, these racist scum will live off of this event for months to further their promotion of their immigration policy that they wish to implement. This country prides itself with being diverse and free, things that we must fight to hold on to, we must look beyond this horrendous attack by these animals as not all muslims think this way, to blindly attack anyone within the muslim community solves nothing, just as countless wars, religious or otherwise, have in the past.

Have we learned nothing from our evolution over the past million years or so, violence solves nothing, it breeds violence and contempt, wars can never be won, as the famous slogan from Crass says, just look at the recent events in the Middle East no sooner were the troops out of Iraq and then Afghanistan pops up, the root cause is religious bigotry and hatred and it’s this fight that must continue, by educating the inhabitants of the planet of ours that we must strive to survive by causing the least suffering as possible.


My thoughts are with the family of the young soldier who died so brutally, no one deserves to shed this mortal coil in that brutal way.

‘Till the next time……

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality

Taking The Fun Out Of Funeral

As many will know today saw us witness the complete and total waste of money, £10 million plus, we await the final figure, of Margaret Hilda “The Milk Snatcher” Thatcher, the scourge of the working class and destroyer of communities. I watched the whole proceedings hoping to see a mass protest of some sort at the least a few banners of derision, and hopefully to see the bitch burn at the end, what did we get? a watered down procession that always made sure we only saw her supporters and hear the guests gushing of what a great woman she was, I nearly choked on my own bile listening to all that bollocks. Did I expect anything less, no not really but we can dream, but I did expect to see more anti-thatcher coverage, but no such luck, There were the parties in Scotland though, some of the communities she destroyed decided to push the boat out and go for it.

Never Ever Forget!

Never Ever Forget!

But at least she has hopefully now been reduced to ashes and we will never see the likes of her again, but as long as there is a ruling class this will never happen, greed over need is the order of the day with governments and those in power, this must stop and we must regain some of our moral values back and make this a Country to be proud to live in without fear, prejudice and intimidation regardless of class creed or colour.

Now as ever, still hating, never forgiving, rot in hell.

‘Till the next time….

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality



Anarchy And Peace

I read an article today about a leaked Government document regarding the nuclear bunkers being built to house the government, wealthy and general Hoi Polloi of the day. 50 years ago in 1963 during the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND) annual 4 day marches for peace, marches that had started in 1958 and continued until 1963 from Aldermaston to London, On the last march to take place in March 1963 a bombshell was unleashed on the public, a pamphlet was released to the press, politicians and protesters alike, the pamphlet’s opening lines read as follows:

“DANGER! OFFICIAL SECRET” said:“This document is about a small group of people who have accepted thermonuclear war as a probability and are consciously and carefully planning for it.”

It then went on to reveal the secret location of one of the Governments bunkers, one of 14 built during the cold war, bunkers that would be used for the elite of the country to decide the best way forward for the remains of the Country and the people unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast but survive. The group responsible for obtaining and publishing the document were known as Spies For Peace and one of the members, the only one to be named after his death, was renowned Anarchist Nicolas Walter, this was only made public after Nicolas’ daughter Natasha, also a Human Rights activist, made the connection with the document and her fathers involvement with the group.

Nicolas Walter

Nicolas Walter

Just before the march the group broke into Regional Seat of Government No. 6 (RSG-6), copied documents relating to the Government’s plans in the event of nuclear war, and subsequently distributed 3,000 leaflets revealing their contents. The impact was enormous. Although not everyone associated with CND at the time saw this as a positive move as this quote from the founder of CND, Canon Collins,  said anarchist groups had “muscled in” on the march. He went on to add: “It is stupid and thoroughly to be regretted… They have distracted attention from the real purpose of the demonstration and done great harm to the cause they claim to be standing for.”, I must disagree with that comment, without the bravery of these relatively unknown heroes, let’s face it, at that time what they did could have resulted in very large jail sentences had they been caught, the public would have gone about their business none the wiser and the threat of nuclear war was just as great then as it is now. Such was the fear of identification and capture the group reportedly went to extraordinary lengths to keep their identities a secret. They wore gloves so the pamphlets wouldn’t have their finger prints on them, and threw their typewriter into a river. Nicolas’ daughter later revealed: “There was a lovely cloak-and-dagger feel about it. It was only when I was older that I realised the risk they had run of very long prison sentences,”

After reading the article I just had to put my thoughts down as I was unaware of this event happening, obviously the authorities were embarrassed about their secret hidey-holes being found but also back then the Government were not bound by legislation as much as they are today to divulge information to the public, thank goodness for the freedom of information act.

Without men like Nicolas and the Spies for Peace, the powers that be would be able to do what the hell they wanted, this is why we need to question ALL our elected members if we feel they have something to hide, and not just take the answers given, harass these people at every turn, don’t let them rest, this is the job they want to do, control others, and just like Nicolas, I won’t be controlled, well not without a fight anyway, No Masters, No Gods No Leaders.

“Till the next time…..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

The Death Of Thatcher – 24 Hours Later

So the dust has settled after the initial good news was broken yesterday over the death of Thatcher, so what are my feelings now the initial excitement dissipated, well,  nothing really, but what I will say is there does seem to be an empty hole in my hate bank, I have given up so much of my time protesting against all of her policies or wishing pain against her and her family, and let me tell you that is not me, I would never wish hurt or pain on any creature on the planet whether it be human or animal, but this evil creature has been at the core of any injustice that has befallen my life, first she takes my first job from me, aged 7, I was a milk monitor at primary school, I had a badge and a sash and a sense of worth as I provided the milk during the break for my fellow pupils, this was taken from me when she decided to save the country money in 1971, this should have been the first warning that this woman was out to ruin me.

I left school in 1980, 1 year after she came to power, what waited me when I walked out the school gates, a fucking unemployment line that she told us that was inherited from the Labour Party, so instead of shortening this queue what did she do, expand it to over 3,000,000, meaning i was only eligible for the new Youth Opportunities Scheme, paying a massive £23.50 per week and giving you the opportunity of….. you’ve guessed it fuck all, slave labour was all that was, but against all odds I did manage to procure a full time job (a big thanks does go out to my girlfriend at the time, now my lovely wife of 28 years for getting me an interview) with British Steel, it was dirty, dangerous, and hard work but, it paid well and I made a bunch of new friends, but look who’s out to make cuts again, yeah you’ve guessed it Thatcher, not content to close the cole mines she was out to get us steel workers and she closed down the Clydesdale Tube Plant, on the scrap heap again and this time there were over 7000 trying to procure a handful of jobs in the community, that’s two strikes to Thatcher, no pun intended there as I had been on strike with the steel workers on two occasions and supported my mining brothers as and when required, unite and fight!

The next big thing to affect me, and the country as a whole it should be said, was the Poll Tax, this made my blood boil, whatever strides my wife and I made to better ourselves by scrimping and saving in order to provide for our two lovely daughters was now being targeted by this bitch in the form of an unjust taxation, to cap it all it was being tested only in Scotland, are you fucking kidding me!, it was at this time I set about being heavily involved in the local Anti Poll Tax groups and Class War, any excuse to attack a Sheriff Officer was pounced upon, don’t get me started on that bunch of scum, their as bad as a strike scab taking from their own kind, but I digress, I went on protest march after protest march and meetings, leafleting and selling copies of Class War to try and open up peoples eyes to this bullshit we were being asked to accept, but the Scottish people were very apathetic, much to my surprise I did expect a higher volume of the populace to reject this and did not see this tax lasting a year let alone being introduced in England, but as we all now know it was and we had to converge on the capital, London, the home of Parliament, Maggie’s home turf, well, we protested, peacefully at first and when her lackey’s the Police decided to get a bit heavy handed, well, you know the rest, we rampaged across London, beating up police, smashing widows of Banks and building societies and of course the obligatory McDonalds or two got it as well, the jewel in the crown was setting South Africa House on fire, cool, kill apartheid as well, job done.


So after a few months after the Poll Tax riot Thatcher was forced out of number 10 and we were rid of this odious creature once and for all, now all that I was waiting for was her death, which came far too late and if I’m totally honest was a complete disappointment, she died peacefully and with dementia, she should have went with all her senses intact and died an excruciatingly painful death, just as she inflicted pain and suffering on all the working class communities and families in her reign of terror.

So as you can see I don’t feel any sense of sadness towards her death, and myself and the generation that fought her and the Tory party’s policies should never shed any tears for her for she shed none for us or the poor soldiers that she had murdered in the Falklands war she created in order to secure a second term in office, so good riddance to bad rubbish and may we never see the likes of you again.


Rot In Hell

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Breaking News…….

At last the most evil woman to roam the streets of Britain since Myra Hindley has died, I of course am talking about Margaret Thatcher. She has done the only descent thing in her life dying.

Lest we forget all the evil she brought to this country, the death of the coal and steel industry, the death of the trade unions, the death of over a thousand young troops in the Falkland war, the death of the working class, the deaths of the 96 Liverpool supporters at Hillsborough and the subsequent cover up, and the creation of the Yuppie, the poll tax, the list goes on.

Why do I hate this woman so much, if the above list is not enough, let’s just cast our minds back to the late 70’s when she came into power, we, as teenagers just leaving school were looking at a bleak future Even under a Labour government but this bitch took over and turned our lives upside down, privatisation of British gas and British telecom should have set off the warning signs that if you were poor you would stay fucking poor.

She closed the coal mining and steel works up and down the country, destroying communities along the way, after killing these industries she then set about the destruction of the docking industry in Liverpool.

She brought back an old tax, the poll tax, an unjust unfair taxation of the poor, but thankfully we managed to fuck that up for her by the now infamous poll tax riots in London, and this subsequently brought her reign of terror to a close as she resigned soon after.

Unfortunately the provisional IRA could not put us out of our misery by botching the bombing of the Brighton hotel she was staying in for the Tory conference in 1984.

But she has now gone and as far as I’m concerned, forgotten, may she rot in a rat infested hell just like the country she allowed us to live in.

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality….. And ding dong the witch is dead!