Clegg’s War On Deficit

Lib Dem weasel Nick Clegg, has issued a warning over the state of the global economy and has vowed to do more to boost the UK growth…….. Good luck there.

He has been quoted as saying “The country needs jobs and time is not on our side” well, no shit Sherlock, since Thatcher was in power we have needed jobs Nick, nothing has changed since that fucking witch ran the country, you and your cronies have done nothing, absolutely nothing to increase employment in this country. Politicians have sold off all of our heavy industry, public transport, etc. We are no more than a vast call centre now, we don’t produce anything, our children are getting stupider, despite your exam result studies, the whole country runs on greed, thanks to you. How the fuck are you going to create something (jobs) out of nothing, god knows, none of you are magicians. So what are Clegg & Co’s proposals, on the day unemployment Rose another 80,000, well, part of the proposal is……… New Broadband networks have to be given priority status, now being an IT geek, I welcome faster better broadband, well, those pirated movies don’t download themselves do they ?, but broadband, given priority, give me fucking strength, we need faster broadband like Ethiopia needs a heatwave. What we need to invest in are industries that will allow us to export to other countries as we did once before, we also need to invest in framing, to allow us to cultivate our own food and not import as much, we need to invest in a descent education system, we need to invest in a health care program that allows us to stay healthy, and most of all we need to stop wasting money on stupid Government projects that never, NEVER, get completed, does the ID card scheme ring any bells.

Nick Clegg - What A Cunt

Folks, this country is on a downward spiral fast, we are going to have higher levels of unemployment, large parts of the population are going to hit extreme poverty levels, and we are all, with out a doubt going to see further wage reductions, and you can bet your boots that the taxes are going to rise. So who do we blame for this…… The bankers, the politicians that allowed them to get away with it and well, I believe we must shoulder some of the blame, as we sat back and watched this shit storm develop. I do agree that a solution is far more difficult than anyone can imagine, but as long as we allow the capitalist system to totally control us we are doomed.

“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them”  Karl Marx

We must rise up against our oppressors and take control of our country, these wasteful fuckers will not rest until they have depleted the planet of all available resources, including us.

‘Till the next time……..

Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality.